Anthony Minessale d7baa16132 Ringback (sponsored by Front Logic)
This addition lets you set artifical ringback on a channel
that is waiting for an originated call to be answered.

the syntax is 

<action application="set" data="ringback=[data]"/>

where data is either the full path to an audio file
or a teletone generation script..

syntax of teletone scripts


0-9,a-d,*,# (standard dtmf tones)

variables: c,r,d,v,>,<,+,w,l,L,%

c (channels)        - Sets the number of channels.
r (rate)            - Sets the sample rate.
d (duration)        - Sets the default tone duration.
v (volume)          - Sets the default volume.
> (decrease vol)    - factor to decrease volume by per frame (0 for even decrease across duration).
< (increase vol)    - factor to increase volume by per frame (0 for even increase across duration).
+ (step)            - factor to step by used by < and >.
w (wait)            - default silence after each tone.
l (loops)           - number of times to repeat each tone in the script.
L (LOOPS)           - number of times to repeat the the whole script.
% (manual tone)     - a generic tone specified by a duration, a wait and a list of frequencies.

standard tones can have custom duration per use with the () modifier
7(1000, 500) to generate DTMF 7 for 1 second then pause .5 seconds


UK Ring Tone [400+450 hz on for 400ms off for 200ms then 400+450 hz on for 400ms off for 2200ms]

US Ring Tone [440+480 hz on for 2000ms off for 4000ms]

ATT BONG [volume level 4000, even decay, step by 2, # key for 60ms with no wait, volume level 2000, 350+440hz {us dialtone} for 940ms

SIT Tone 913.8 hz for 274 ms with no wait, 1370.6 hz for 274 ms with no wait, 1776.7 hz for 380ms with no wait

ATTN TONE (phone's off the hook!) 1400+2060+2450+2600 hz for 100ms with 100ms wait

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