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The Initial Developer of the Original Code is
Anthony Minessale II <>
Portions created by the Initial Developer are Copyright (C)
the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
The PRIMARY AUTHORS are (and/or have been):
Anthony Minessale II <> - Primary developer of all core components
and many of the included modules. Much of freeswitch is based on his work.
Michael Jerris <> - Windows porter and responsible for the
windows\msvc build system.
And here is an inevitably incomplete list of MUCH-APPRECIATED CONTRIBUTORS --
people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, and generally made Freeswitch
that much better:
Brian K. West - For countless hours of work on BSD and Mac support, finding countless bugs,
and moral support. Xcode project files.
Joshua Colp - For his help making mod_exosip possible (which we are now getting rid of but oh well),
and for just being a swell guy! (until he backstabbed us, c'est la vie)
Michal "cypromis" Bielicki (michal.bielicki AT - Solaris porting, and autotools enhancements.
James Martelletti <> - All around cool guy (mod_syslog)
Johny Kadarisman <>
Yossi Neiman of Cartis Solutions, Inc. <freeswitch AT> - implementation of mod_cdr (perldd, mysql, csv)
Stefan Knoblich - Various patches and support. Thanks.
Justin Unger - <justinunger at gmail dot com> Lots of help with patches and SIP testing. Thanks!
Paul D. Tinsley - Various patches and support. <pdt at>
Ken Rice of Asteria Solutions Group, INC <ken AT> - xmlcdr, sofia improvements, load testing.
Neal Horman <neal at wanlink dot com> - conference improvements, switch_ivr menu additions and other tweaks.
Johny Kadarisman <jkr888 at> - mod_python fixups.
Michael Murdock <mike at mmurdock dot org> - testing, documentation, bug finding and usability enhancements.
A big THANK YOU goes to:
Justin Cassidy - Build related cleanups and automatic build setup.
Bret McDanel - Javascript Documentation, constant feedback and input, many other things I am sure I am forgetting.