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12 Commits (ccc23b7870817d6778b4831b32e78048f964c47e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mike Jerris bb92955e21 FS-10997: [libvpx] CVE-2017-13194 2018-07-24 07:21:49 +00:00
Kevin James 2c761f6fc7 FS-9986: [libvpx] update .gitignore to exclude erronesously matched Makefile 2017-01-29 08:49:02 -05:00
Anthony Minessale 5e323ee97a newest version of sleep patch 2016-09-26 14:09:55 -05:00
Mike Jerris ea463a615e FS-8623: reapply after update: Fix libvpx Solaris Studio build 2016-09-26 14:38:30 -04:00
Mike Jerris 07073175ee FS-8623: reapply after update: fix sun studio build errors building libvpx 2016-09-26 14:36:14 -04:00
Mike Jerris 8c5f0301f3 update to libvpx b46243d from repo 2016-09-26 14:31:51 -04:00
William King a0b9b60dbc FS-9310 Fix RPM build due to new config file. Also add libvpx generated file to .gitignore 2016-07-07 16:06:34 -07:00
Spencer Thomason 6ae15b9fa1 FS-8623: Fix libvpx Solaris Studio build 2016-05-10 18:18:19 -07:00
Anthony Minessale 3d44756591 FS-9106 add new version of previous vpx sleep patch 2016-04-27 12:25:00 -05:00
Michael Jerris 3976eb17d0 FS-8623: fix sun studio build errors building libvpx 2016-04-07 15:21:55 -04:00
Michael Jerris febe0f8dac FS-8867: build using in tree libvpx, vpx no longer optional and does not use system libvpx due to issues with having to update it frequently conflicting with system libraries, now we link to the static in tree version instead. Also, mod_vpx is now a core module instead of a loadable module, so will no longer be built 2016-02-24 18:44:11 -05:00
Michael Jerris 1ffc801957 add libvpx 89cc6825 (matching current chrome canary) from repo 2016-02-23 14:08:26 -05:00