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15 Commits (1.10.1)

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Michael Hanselmann 3b4b839ed4 FS-8948 #resolve Handle non-existent config in Debian postinst 7 years ago
Stanislav Sinyagin 77f52bb6a8 FS-7928 FS-7618 systemd and package build improvements 7 years ago
Stanislav Sinyagin b2bcc8b2dd FS-8194 FS-7910 FS-7937 systemd service improvements 7 years ago
Brian West a1799bd2b2 FS-8270 #resolve 7 years ago
Travis Cross 16d0538fb5 Move chown of /etc/freeswitch/tls to postinst 7 years ago
Travis Cross 9cff1eb71f Cleanup non-semantic whitespace in debian/ 7 years ago
William King c431ed1ff9 FS-7697 #resolve Now when we install FS by default the tls directory will also be created. 8 years ago
William King 33c723e839 FS-7669 #resolve There was already a postinst file, and I missed it. 8 years ago
Travis Cross 9dd7173b6e Avoid overaggressive chmod/chown on upgrade 9 years ago
Travis Cross c79509a367 Use /var/lib/freeswitch as home directory on Debian 10 years ago
Travis Cross 8bbfe99e19 debian: whitespace 11 years ago
Travis Cross 4ce0f57a8b debian: add new and vastly improved packaging for Debian 11 years ago
Michal Bielicki 7db7234fe4 Looks like a pretty complete debian packaging done :) 15 years ago
Michal Bielicki 8150716372 typo :( 15 years ago
Michal Bielicki 1418be8cb6 fixes to make it more debianish. also fixed to create and remove the 15 years ago
Michael Jerris 3abb7730b2 add xmlrpc-c 1.03.14 to in tree libs 16 years ago