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Stanislav Sinyagin cd68e0fe1b FS-7909 working directory is now /var/log/freeswitch
This is where core is dumped by default
2015-07-31 02:13:55 +02:00
Peter Wu e3a647810c debian: Allow use of secondary groups
When '-g' is passed, freeswitch drops all other groups except for the
given group.  This impacts people who depend on FS having access to
resources that would be allowed by membership to those other groups.

It was possible to override this by setting DAEMON_ARGS in
/etc/default/freeswitch, but we'll go ahead and make this the default.

Since freeswitch uses the primary group of a user when `-g` is
omitted, we'll just omit it, and do similarly when setting the
ownership of our directory in /var/run.

Edited-by: Travis Cross <>
2014-11-07 18:10:50 +00:00
Travis Cross b0050f519e Improve init error message when FS is unconfigured
Depending on which packages are installed, the README.Debian file
might not be there, so we'll spell out the instructions more directly.
2014-11-06 16:32:42 +00:00
Brian West bee0a19f08 FS-6642 --resolve 2014-07-11 11:04:08 -05:00
William King 985ce5729b Change to ncwait so that the service start script will block until FS is actually started 2014-06-23 10:03:53 -05:00
Travis Cross e0b1dcdfc3 Start DBs before FS if possible
Thanks-to: Humberto Diógenes <>
2014-01-30 14:12:45 +00:00
Travis Cross 90683e3332 Check for config before starting we can tell people what to do and where to look.
2013-06-16 14:21:44 +00:00
Travis Cross 8859eb0b23 debian: Move some init options to default/freeswitch
Thanks-to: Henning Holtschneider <>

FS-4979 --resolve
2012-12-30 19:08:55 +00:00
Anthony Minessale ab886cad30 FS-4931 --resolve ok, the binary also tries to make the dir but its probably failing from dropped perms. probably if the freeswitch user had write perms in /var/run it would also work 2012-12-13 10:09:25 -06:00
Travis Cross 90217e864b debian: add remote_fs and required-stop to init 2012-05-06 19:13:49 +00:00
Travis Cross 4ce0f57a8b debian: add new and vastly improved packaging for Debian
We now break out each module and component of FreeSWITCH into a
separate individually-installable package.  For each package with
executables or modules, we also build a package that includes the
stripped debugging symbols so that users can be helpful when they
discover bugs in FreeSWITCH.

As of this commit, we successfully build 263 distinct binary packages
starting from a clean minimal image on both Debian Sid and Debian

To keep this manageable, we include a program that generates the
various Debian packaging files from a consolidated description of the
modules and their metadata.  The program can even generate this
configuration file by walking the FreeSWITCH source tree.

To provide a smooth user experience, we provide meta-packages that
install sensible sets of modules and other components.

All files are installed into the traditional and customary Linux
directories that you would expect in accordance with the Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard (FHS).

This commit also adds support for running FreeSWITCH as a forked
systemd service in Debian.

For more information about the technical details of the source
packaging, how to build the binary packages from source, and how you
can contribute, please read debian/README.source.

To learn about how this packaging affects you as a user and how to use
the finished Debian packages, read debian/README.Debian.

Signed-off-by: Travis Cross <>
2012-05-05 11:54:05 +00:00