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11 Commits (1.10.1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stanislav Sinyagin cd68e0fe1b FS-7909 working directory is now /var/log/freeswitch 8 years ago
Peter Wu e3a647810c debian: Allow use of secondary groups 8 years ago
Travis Cross b0050f519e Improve init error message when FS is unconfigured 8 years ago
Brian West bee0a19f08 FS-6642 --resolve 9 years ago
William King 985ce5729b Change to ncwait so that the service start script will block until FS is actually started 9 years ago
Travis Cross 90683e3332 Check for config before starting 10 years ago
Travis Cross 8859eb0b23 debian: Move some init options to default/freeswitch 10 years ago
Anthony Minessale ab886cad30 FS-4931 --resolve ok, the binary also tries to make the dir but its probably failing from dropped perms. probably if the freeswitch user had write perms in /var/run it would also work 10 years ago
Travis Cross 90217e864b debian: add remote_fs and required-stop to init 11 years ago
Travis Cross 4ce0f57a8b debian: add new and vastly improved packaging for Debian 11 years ago
Travis Cross e0b1dcdfc3 Start DBs before FS if possible 9 years ago