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5 Commits (1.10.1)

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Stanislav Sinyagin 77f52bb6a8 FS-7928 FS-7618 systemd and package build improvements 7 years ago
Stanislav Sinyagin b2bcc8b2dd FS-8194 FS-7910 FS-7937 systemd service improvements 7 years ago
Anthony Minessale 918c68accf -rp is not an ok default option it should not be used in normal circumstances it forces an unsafe environment with realtime threads on single cpu systems. Real time mode will enable by default on systems with enough cpus 9 years ago
Travis Cross 8859eb0b23 debian: Move some init options to default/freeswitch 10 years ago
Travis Cross 4ce0f57a8b debian: add new and vastly improved packaging for Debian 11 years ago