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Travis Cross 1050a2a9f9 debian: version bump 2012-05-24 17:27:28 +00:00
Travis Cross 4ce0f57a8b debian: add new and vastly improved packaging for Debian
We now break out each module and component of FreeSWITCH into a
separate individually-installable package.  For each package with
executables or modules, we also build a package that includes the
stripped debugging symbols so that users can be helpful when they
discover bugs in FreeSWITCH.

As of this commit, we successfully build 263 distinct binary packages
starting from a clean minimal image on both Debian Sid and Debian

To keep this manageable, we include a program that generates the
various Debian packaging files from a consolidated description of the
modules and their metadata.  The program can even generate this
configuration file by walking the FreeSWITCH source tree.

To provide a smooth user experience, we provide meta-packages that
install sensible sets of modules and other components.

All files are installed into the traditional and customary Linux
directories that you would expect in accordance with the Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard (FHS).

This commit also adds support for running FreeSWITCH as a forked
systemd service in Debian.

For more information about the technical details of the source
packaging, how to build the binary packages from source, and how you
can contribute, please read debian/README.source.

To learn about how this packaging affects you as a user and how to use
the finished Debian packages, read debian/README.Debian.

Signed-off-by: Travis Cross <>
2012-05-05 11:54:05 +00:00
Travis Cross 9181e8e51b debian: start over 2012-05-05 07:36:37 +00:00
William King ba316fcd46 oops. 1.1.head is a newer version compared to 1.1.beta2 2012-04-19 22:02:26 -07:00
William King 5c2330f766 Resolve a missing build-dep. Resolve a handful of lintian warnings and errors. Cleanup in prep for 1.2 release packaging. --resolve FS-3449 2012-04-19 19:46:10 -07:00
Michal Bielicki - cypromis 7822db8aa6 added mod_cdr_sqlite to Debian build 2011-05-30 16:05:07 +02:00
Michal Bielicki 0e4a1ce873 Added Hebrew Language package to debian buildsystem 2011-04-02 03:13:06 +02:00
Michal Bielicki - cypromis 326886d0fb removed mod_file_string from debian build since it has been merged into dptools 2011-03-30 11:40:52 +02:00
Michal Bielicki 7e880ee33e cleanup to debian sound file generation and packaging 2010-12-22 22:24:36 +00:00
cypromis bc84eb339c added changes by Gabriel Gunderson fixing path in debian for pythoin and some typos 2010-10-28 00:07:00 +02:00
cypromis e5459d34bf fix changelog 2010-10-15 13:16:16 +02:00
cypromis 0c89de8fb6 need more testing of the .pc applied_patches stuff .. this does not work as advertised yet 2010-10-15 06:51:55 +02:00
cypromis b98401c990 FS-369 except for adduser change, openzap patches (openzap is gone) and some other minor stuff 2010-10-15 05:43:25 +02:00
Michal Bielicki ea5a8c91f6 more deb packaging cleanups 2010-10-14 22:29:29 +02:00
Michal Bielicki eb10a9ef8d updated modules in .debs to sync with .spec. left out flite since it requres more than 384mb to build debs with. 2010-10-14 19:01:00 +02:00
Mathieu Parent 4f46bb91fc debian:
* Updated Uploaders list
  * Updated Standards-Version to 3.9.1
2010-09-23 19:51:14 +02:00
Anthony Minessale d5239be751 fix package build 2010-09-17 18:10:26 -05:00
Mathieu Parent 338d64181f debian: more cleaning
- Section: comm
- Add Vcs-{Browser,Svn}
- Add Homepage
- Update Standards-Version
- Better Descriptions
- -dbg in debug, -dev in libdevel
- remove libc6 from builddeps as it is essential

- wrap to 80 columns (first entry only)

- remove DH_COMPAT=4

git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2010-03-27 22:37:48 +00:00
Michael Jerris e364b59630 + * upgrade: Add more verbosity when building to make it easier to find build errors.
+    * upgrade: Remove the requirement for EXACTLY automake1.9 and change it to need atleast automake 1.9
+    * upgrade: Add the modules (directory, cluechoo, and valet_parking) to the build files. These are in the standard build, so they should be here too.
+ -- William King <>  Fri, 18 Dec 2009 14:27:42 -0800

git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2009-12-18 23:00:41 +00:00
Michael Jerris 97309a5e71 move sounds out to their own packages as they do not change revisions with freeswitch
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2009-12-07 06:06:18 +00:00
Massimo Cetra edfa18d405 Add some modules to the debian build.
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2009-09-25 13:37:01 +00:00
Michael Jerris 7a5783c675 update changelog
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2009-02-19 00:46:28 +00:00
Michael Jerris 1ca5e2265e add debian changelog
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2009-02-18 22:42:38 +00:00
Michael Collins 841bec48bb Update debian/changelog with 1.0.2 changes
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-12-29 23:32:48 +00:00
Anthony Minessale b4ba1a2255 changelog
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-07-24 11:08:03 +00:00
Massimo Cetra e3dedc4f33 Debian build scripts updates.
* Updated revision number
   * Fixed init problem reported by Jay Binks (FSSCRIPTS-1)
   * Added a patch to the debian build system add more features (thanks to Hadley Rich) (FSBUILD-45)
     - Added en-us-callie sounds and music on hold packages
     - Added recommends and suggests
     - Added mod_say_es and mod_say_nl
     - Updated descriptions
     - Added mod_cdr_csv
   * Fixed typos and some errors in the previus patch.
   * Modified monit script. Now it should work.
   * The debian build system now bootstrap automagically if it's necessary and all scripts are in place.

git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-07-08 09:49:53 +00:00
Anthony Minessale 1614565424 changelog update
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-05-27 05:27:42 +00:00
Michal Bielicki 920888ceef Packaging fixes. Some filenames wrong in specfile and some typos in
debian control files.

git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-05-22 19:05:04 +00:00
Anthony Minessale 6c5615fdb4 getting ready for rc6
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-05-20 19:58:47 +00:00
Anthony Minessale 76aa4115a3 getting ready for rc5
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-05-13 06:04:11 +00:00
Brian West d4052b4eaf CtRiX patches for debian
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-05-09 13:35:11 +00:00
Brian West f57c69ceb0 thanks CtRiX
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-05-08 16:44:33 +00:00
Michael Jerris 2d592d9fce changelog update
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-04-24 01:35:11 +00:00
Anthony Minessale 727cf3a673 getting ready for rc4
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-04-23 17:33:00 +00:00
Anthony Minessale cbc5eee4dc correct
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-04-10 03:20:21 +00:00
Michael Jerris e839f50cc7 getting ready for rc3
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-04-09 20:25:26 +00:00
Michael Jerris 69bd06783f getting ready for rc3
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-04-09 19:54:49 +00:00
Michal Bielicki 918eec0d0e Alll those config and module files for rc1 ... get in package ..
An yes bkw_ it was you !!

git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2008-01-18 01:06:10 +00:00
Michal Bielicki 49783c4b57 Half ready multipackage debianisation commit
Just a test, please don't use yet

git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2007-11-30 14:12:23 +00:00
Michal Bielicki 86b0bde562 Added configuration
added initscripts
added feeswitch user
added monit configuration
changed ownership to freeswitch:daemon
handle with care ... should work but a change in trunk can kill it any time :)

git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2007-11-27 22:51:17 +00:00
Michael Jerris b33418aa09 add starting framework for debian packaging
git-svn-id: d0543943-73ff-0310-b7d9-9358b9ac24b2
2007-10-09 17:25:56 +00:00