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-brs -npsl -di0 -br -ce -d0 -cli0 -npcs -nfc1 -ut -i4 -ts4 -l120 -cs -T size_t -T pieces -T switch_file_t -T switch_thread_cond_t -T switch_thread -T switch_threadattr_t -T switch_thread_start_t -T switch_socket_t -T switch_sockaddr_t -T switch_memory_pool -T switch_pollfd_t -T switch_pollset_t -T switch_time_t -T switch_time_exp_t -T switch_hash -T switch_hash_index_t -T switch_strmatch_pattern -T switch_uuid_t -T switch_queue_t -T switch_mutex_t -T __int8 -T __int16 -T __int32 -T __int64 -T int8_t -T int16_t -T int32_t -T int64_t -T long -T switch_core_db -T switch_core_session_message -T switch_audio_resampler -T switch_event_header -T switch_event -T switch_event_subclass -T switch_event_node -T switch_loadable_module -T switch_frame -T switch_channel -T switch_endpoint_interface -T switch_timer_interface -T switch_dialplan_interface -T switch_codec_interface -T switch_application_interface -T switch_api_interface -T switch_file_interface -T switch_file_handle -T switch_core_session -T switch_loadable_module_interface -T switch_caller_profile -T switch_caller_step -T switch_caller_extension -T switch_caller_application -T switch_event_handler_table -T switch_timer -T switch_codec -T switch_core_thread_session -T switch_codec_implementation -T switch_io_event_hook_outgoing_channel -T switch_io_event_hook_answer_channel -T switch_io_event_hook_receive_message -T switch_io_event_hook_read_frame -T switch_io_event_hook_write_frame -T switch_io_event_hook_kill_channel -T switch_io_event_hook_waitfor_read -T switch_io_event_hook_waitfor_write -T switch_io_event_hook_send_dtmf -T switch_io_routines -T switch_io_event_hooks -T switch_buffer -T switch_codec_settings -T switch_config -T switch_lock_flag -T switch_core_session_message_t -T switch_stack_t -T switch_status -T switch_text_channel -T switch_channel_state -T switch_channel_flag -T switch_signal -T switch_codec_flag -T switch_codec_type -T switch_timer_flag -T switch_file_flag -T switch_io_flag -T switch_event_t