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2017-06-26 17:11:02 +00:00
:: Installs from srtp windows build directory to directory specified on
:: command line
@if "%1"=="" (
echo "Usage: %~nx0 destdir"
exit /b 1
) else (
set destdir=%1
@if not exist %destdir% (
echo %destdir% not found
exit /b 1
@for %%d in (include\srtp.h crypto\include\cipher.h Debug\srtp2.lib Release\srtp2.lib x64\Debug\srtp2.lib x64\Release\srtp2.lib) do (
if not exist "%%d" (
echo "%%d not found: are you in the right directory?"
exit /b 1
mkdir %destdir%\include
mkdir %destdir%\include\srtp2
mkdir %destdir%\lib
mkdir %destdir%\lib\x64
@for %%d in (include\srtp.h include\ekt.h crypto\include\cipher.h crypto\include\auth.h crypto\include\crypto_types.h) do (
copy %%d %destdir%\include\srtp2
copy Release\srtp2.lib %destdir%\lib\srtp2.lib
copy Debug\srtp2.lib %destdir%\lib\srtp2d.lib
copy x64\Release\srtp2.lib %destdir%\lib\x64\srtp2.lib
copy x64\Debug\srtp2.lib %destdir%\lib\x64\srtp2d.lib