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# -*- mode:debian-control -*-
##### Author: Travis Cross <>
## mod/applications
Module: applications/mod_abstraction
Description: Abstraction layer for APIs
This module provides a way to create new API functions via regex
Module: applications/mod_av
Description: mod_av
Adds mod_av.
Build-Depends: libavformat-dev, libswscale-dev, libavresample-dev
Module: applications/mod_avmd
Description: Advanced voicemail detection
This module attempts to determine when a voicemail system has
answered the call.
Module: applications/mod_bert
Description: Line testing tool
This module provides a tool to test a line.
Module: applications/mod_blacklist
Description: Blacklist helper
This module provides tools to blacklist callers.
Module: applications/mod_callcenter
Description: Call center
This module implements Automated Call Distribution (ACD) queues.
Module: applications/mod_cidlookup
Description: Caller ID name lookup
This module provides an API for querying caller ID name and location
Module: applications/mod_cluechoo
Description: Clue Choo
This demo module renders a Clue Choo train on the FreeSWITCH console.
Build-Depends: libncurses5-dev
Module: applications/mod_commands
Description: Command module
This module provides miscellaneous API commands.
Module: applications/mod_conference
Description: Conference
This module provides multi-party conferencing.
Module: applications/mod_curl
Description: cURL
This module provides an API for making HTTP requests with cURL.
Module: applications/mod_cv
Description: Computer Vision
This module exposes opencv actions to enable computer vision actions
Build-Depends: libopencv-dev
Module: applications/mod_db
Description: DB
This module implements simple db API, group support, and limit db
Module: applications/mod_directory
Description: Dial by name directory
This module implements a dial-by-name directory IVR.
Module: applications/mod_distributor
Description: Load distributor
This module implements a mechanism for performing load balancing.
Module: applications/mod_dptools
Description: Dialplan tools
This module implements basic dialplan tools.
Module: applications/mod_easyroute
Description: Easyroute
This module does destination lookup based on DID.
Module: applications/mod_enum
Description: ENUM
This module implements ENUM support.
Build-Depends: libldns-fs-dev | libldns-dev
Module: applications/mod_esf
Description: Multicast support
This module adds multi-cast support.
Module: applications/mod_esl
Description: Single ESL
This module adds an API for generating one-off ESL requests.
Module: applications/mod_expr
Description: Expr
This module adds expr support for expression evaluation.
Module: applications/mod_fifo
Description: FIFO
This module adds a first-in first-out queue system.
Module: applications/mod_fsk
Description: Frequency-shift keying
This module adds frequency-shift keying support which can be used to
send and receive caller ID.
Module: applications/mod_fsv
Description: FSV
This module provides dialplan applications for recording and playing
FSV videos.
Module: applications/mod_hash
Description: Hash
This module provides a hash API, a key-value in-memory datastore.
Module: applications/mod_hiredis
Description: Redis client support
This module provides a mechanism to use Redis as a datastore.
Build-Depends: libhiredis-dev
Depends: libhiredis0.10 | libhiredis0.13
Module: applications/mod_httapi
Description: HT-TAPI Hypertext Telephony API
This module provides an API for controlling the switch by responding
to HTTP requests.
Module: applications/mod_http_cache
Description: HTTP GET with caching
This module provides an API for making HTTP GET requests where the
result is cached.
Module: applications/mod_ladspa
Description: LADSPA
This module provides an API for accessing LADSPA plugins.
Build-Depends: ladspa-sdk
Suggests: tap-plugins, swh-plugins, autotalent
Module: applications/mod_lcr
Description: LCR
This module adds a facility for least-cost routing.
Module: applications/mod_limit
Description: Limit compatibility module
This module provides a backward-compatible interface to the DB limit
Module: applications/mod_memcache
Description: Memcache
This module provides an interface to memcache servers.
Build-Depends: libmemcached-dev
Module: applications/mod_mongo
Description: MongoDB
This module provides an interface to MongoDB.
Build-Depends: libmongoc-dev
Module: applications/mod_mp4
Section: contrib/comm
Description: MP4 video support
This module adds support for MP4 video playback.
Build-Depends: libmp4v2-dev
Module: applications/mod_mp4v2
Description: Adds mod_mp4v2
Adds mod_mp4v2.
Module: applications/mod_nibblebill
Description: Nibblebill
This module allows for real-time accounting of a cash balance and
using that information for call routing.
Module: applications/mod_oreka
Description: Media recording with Oreka
This module provides media recording with the Oreka cross-platfor
audio stream recording and retrieval system.
Module: applications/mod_osp
Description: Open Settlement Protocol
This module adds support for the Open Settlement Protocol (OSP).
Build-Depends: libosptk3-dev
Module: applications/mod_prefix
Description: Longest prefix match search
This module provides a data store with fast lookups by the longest
prefix match (LPM) rule.
Module: applications/mod_rad_auth
Description: RADIUS AA
This module implements RADIUS Authentication and Authorization.
Module: applications/mod_random
Description: Entropy extraction
This module extracts entropy from FreeSWITCH and feeds it into
Module: applications/mod_redis
Description: Redis limit backend
This module provides a mechanism to use Redis as a backend data
Module: applications/mod_rss
Description: RSS browser
This module provides an RSS browser.
Module: applications/mod_skel
Description: Adds mod_skel
Adds mod_skel.
Module: applications/mod_signalwire
Description: mod_signalwire
Adds mod_signalwire.
Build-Depends: libks, signalwire-client-c
Module: applications/mod_sms
Description: Astract SMS
This module provides an abstract facility for interfacing with SMS
Module: applications/mod_snapshot
Description: Snapshot
This module can record a sliding window of audio and take snapshots
to disk.
Module: applications/mod_snom
Description: SNOM specific features
This module implements features specific to SNOM phones.
Module: applications/mod_sonar
Description: Sonar ping timer
This module measures the latency on an audio link by sending audible
audio sonar pings.
Module: applications/mod_soundtouch
Description: Soundtouch
This module implements example media bugs.
Build-Depends: libsoundtouch-dev
Module: applications/mod_spandsp
Description: SpanDSP
This module implements spandsp fax, dsp, and codec functionality.
Module: applications/mod_spy
Description: UserSpy
This module adds the ability to monitor the audio of a channel.
Module: applications/mod_stress
Description: Voice stress detection
11 years ago
This module attempts to detect voice stress on an audio channel.
Module: applications/mod_translate
Description: Number translation
This module implements number translation.
Module: applications/mod_valet_parking
Description: Valet parking
This module implements the valet call parking strategy.
Module: applications/mod_video_filter
Description: Video filter chromakey
This module provides a media bug for chromakey functionality
Module: applications/mod_vmd
Description: Voicemail detection
This module detects voicemail beeps at any frequency in O(1) time.
Module: applications/mod_voicemail
Description: Voicemail
This module provides a voicemail system.
Depends: ssmtp | mail-transport-agent
Module: applications/mod_voicemail_ivr
Description: Voicemail IVR
This module provides an extensible voicemail IVR system.
## mod/asr_tts
Module: asr_tts/mod_cepstral
Description: mod_cepstral
Adds mod_cepstral.
Module: asr_tts/mod_flite
Description: mod_flite
Adds mod_flite.
Build-Depends: libflite-dev | flite1-dev
Module: asr_tts/mod_pocketsphinx
Description: mod_pocketsphinx
Adds mod_pocketsphinx.
Module: asr_tts/mod_tts_commandline
Description: mod_tts_commandline
Adds mod_tts_commandline.
Module: asr_tts/mod_unimrcp
Description: mod_unimrcp
Adds mod_unimrcp.
## mod/codecs
Module: codecs/mod_amr
Description: mod_amr
Adds mod_amr.
Build-Depends: libopencore-amrnb-dev
Module: codecs/mod_amrwb
Description: mod_amrwb
Adds mod_amrwb.
Module: codecs/mod_b64
Description: mod_b64
Adds mod_b64.
Module: codecs/mod_bv
Description: mod_bv
Adds mod_bv.
Build-Depends: libbroadvoice-dev
Module: codecs/mod_codec2
Description: mod_codec2
Adds mod_codec2.
Build-Depends: libcodec2-dev
Module: codecs/mod_com_g729
Description: mod_com_g729
Adds mod_com_g729.
Module: codecs/mod_dahdi_codec
Description: mod_dahdi_codec
Adds mod_dahdi_codec.
Module: codecs/mod_g723_1
Description: mod_g723_1
Adds mod_g723_1.
Module: codecs/mod_g729
Description: mod_g729
Adds mod_g729.
Module: codecs/mod_h26x
Description: mod_h26x
Adds mod_h26x.
Module: codecs/mod_ilbc
Section: non-free/comm
Description: mod_ilbc
Adds mod_ilbc.
Build-Depends: libilbc-dev
Module: codecs/mod_isac
Description: mod_isac
Adds mod_isac.
Module: codecs/mod_mp4v
Description: mod_mp4v
Adds mod_mp4v.
Module: codecs/mod_openh264
Description: Adds mod_openh264
Adds mod_openh264.
Module: codecs/mod_opus
Description: mod_opus
Adds mod_opus.
Build-Depends: libopus-dev
Module: codecs/mod_sangoma_codec
Description: mod_sangoma_codec
Adds mod_sangoma_codec.
Build-Depends: libsngtc-dev
Module: codecs/mod_silk
Description: mod_silk
Adds mod_silk.
Build-Depends: libsilk-dev
Module: codecs/mod_siren
Section: non-free/comm
Description: mod_siren
Adds mod_siren.
Build-Depends: libg7221-dev
Module: codecs/mod_skel_codec
Description: Adds mod_skel_codec
Adds mod_skel_codec.
Module: codecs/mod_theora
Description: mod_theora
Adds mod_theora.
Module: codecs/mod_yuv
Description: Adds mod_yuv
Adds mod_yuv.
## mod/databases
Module: databases/mod_mariadb
Description: Adds mod_mariadb
Adds mod_mariadb.
Build-Depends: libmariadb-dev
Module: databases/mod_pgsql
Description: Adds mod_pgsql
Adds mod_pgsql.
Build-Depends: libpq-dev
## mod/dialplans
Module: dialplans/mod_dialplan_asterisk
Description: mod_dialplan_asterisk
Adds mod_dialplan_asterisk.
Module: dialplans/mod_dialplan_directory
Description: mod_dialplan_directory
Adds mod_dialplan_directory.
Module: dialplans/mod_dialplan_xml
Description: mod_dialplan_xml
Adds mod_dialplan_xml.
## mod/directories
Module: directories/mod_ldap
Description: mod_ldap
Adds mod_ldap.
Build-Depends: libldap2-dev
## mod/endpoints
Module: endpoints/mod_alsa
Description: mod_alsa
Adds mod_alsa.
Build-Depends: libasound2-dev
Module: endpoints/mod_dingaling
Description: mod_dingaling
Adds mod_dingaling.
Module: endpoints/mod_gsmopen
Description: mod_gsmopen
Adds mod_gsmopen.
Build-Depends: libx11-dev
Module: endpoints/mod_h323
Description: mod_h323
Adds mod_h323.
Build-Depends: libopenh323-dev | libh323plus-dev, libpt-dev
Module: endpoints/mod_khomp
Description: mod_khomp
Adds mod_khomp.
Module: endpoints/mod_loopback
Description: mod_loopback
Adds mod_loopback.
Module: endpoints/mod_opal
Description: mod_opal
Adds mod_opal.
Build-Depends: libopal-dev
Module: endpoints/mod_portaudio
Description: mod_portaudio
Adds mod_portaudio.
Build-Depends: portaudio19-dev
Module: endpoints/mod_reference
Description: mod_reference
Adds mod_reference.
Module: endpoints/mod_rtc
Description: Adds mod_rtc.
Adds mod_rtc.
Module: endpoints/mod_rtmp
Description: mod_rtmp
Adds mod_rtmp.
Module: endpoints/mod_skinny
Description: mod_skinny
Adds mod_skinny.
Module: endpoints/mod_sofia
Description: mod_sofia
Adds mod_sofia.
Module: endpoints/mod_unicall
Description: mod_unicall
Adds mod_unicall.
Module: endpoints/mod_verto
Description: Adds mod_verto.
Adds mod_verto.
Build-Depends: libperl-dev
Build-Depends-Buster: libperl-dev, libgdbm-compat-dev
## mod/event_handlers
Module: event_handlers/mod_amqp
Description: Event handler to send events to an amqp server
AMQP event handler
Build-Depends: librabbitmq-dev
Module: event_handlers/mod_cdr_csv
Description: mod_cdr_csv
Adds mod_cdr_csv.
Module: event_handlers/mod_cdr_mongodb
Description: mod_cdr_mongodb
Adds mod_cdr_mongodb.
Module: event_handlers/mod_cdr_pg_csv
Description: mod_cdr_pg_csv
Adds mod_cdr_pg_csv.
Build-Depends: libpq-dev
Module: event_handlers/mod_cdr_sqlite
Description: mod_cdr_sqlite
Adds mod_cdr_sqlite.
Module: event_handlers/mod_erlang_event
Description: mod_erlang_event
Adds mod_erlang_event.
Build-Depends: erlang-dev
Module: event_handlers/mod_event_multicast
Description: mod_event_multicast
Adds mod_event_multicast.
Build-Depends: libssl1.0-dev | libssl-dev
Module: event_handlers/mod_event_socket
Description: mod_event_socket
Adds mod_event_socket.
Module: event_handlers/mod_event_test
Description: mod_event_test
Adds mod_event_test.
Module: event_handlers/mod_event_zmq
Description: mod_event_zmq
Adds mod_event_zmq.
Module: event_handlers/mod_format_cdr
Description: mod_format_cdr
Adds mod_format_cdr.
Module: event_handlers/mod_json_cdr
Description: mod_json_cdr
Adds mod_json_cdr.
Module: event_handlers/mod_kazoo
Description: mod_kazoo
Adds mod_kazoo.
Build-Depends: erlang-dev
Depends: erlang
Module: event_handlers/mod_odbc_cdr
Description: mod_odbc_cdr
Adds mod_odbc_cdr.
Module: event_handlers/mod_radius_cdr
Description: mod_radius_cdr
Adds mod_radius_cdr.
Module: event_handlers/mod_rayo
Description: mod_rayo
Adds mod_rayo.
Depends: freeswitch-mod-ssml (= ${binary:Version})
Module: event_handlers/mod_smpp
Description: mod_snmp
Adds mod_snmp.
Module: event_handlers/mod_snmp
Description: mod_snmp
Adds mod_snmp.
Build-Depends: libsnmp-dev
## mod/formats
Module: formats/mod_imagick
Description: Adds image formats support
Adds image formats support via mod_imagick.
Build-Depends: libmagickcore-dev
Module: formats/mod_local_stream
Description: mod_local_stream
Adds mod_local_stream.
Module: formats/mod_native_file
Description: mod_native_file
Adds mod_native_file.
Module: formats/mod_png
Description: Adds mod_png
Adds mod_png.
Module: formats/mod_portaudio_stream
Description: mod_portaudio_stream
Adds mod_portaudio_stream.
Build-Depends: portaudio19-dev
Module: formats/mod_shell_stream
Description: mod_shell_stream
Adds mod_shell_stream.
Module: formats/mod_shout
Description: mod_shout
Adds mod_shout.
Build-Depends: libogg-dev, libvorbis-dev, libmp3lame-dev,
libmpg123-dev, libshout3-dev
Module: formats/mod_sndfile
Description: mod_sndfile
Adds mod_sndfile.
Build-Depends: libsndfile1-dev, libflac-dev, libogg-dev,
Module: formats/mod_ssml
Description: mod_ssml
Adds mod_ssml.
Module: formats/mod_tone_stream
Description: mod_tone_stream
Adds mod_tone_stream.
Module: formats/mod_vlc
Description: VLC streaming
This module provides VLC streaming.
Build-Depends: libvlc-dev (>= 2.0.0)
Depends: vlc-nox
Suggests: vlc-dbg
Module: formats/mod_webm
Description: Adds mod_webm
Adds mod_webm.
Module: formats/mod_opusfile
Description: mod_opusfile
Adds mod_opusfile.
Build-Depends: libopusfile-dev
## mod/languages
Module: languages/mod_basic
Description: Adds mod_basic.
Adds mod_basic.
Module: languages/mod_java
Description: mod_java
Adds mod_java.
Build-Depends: default-jdk
Module: languages/mod_lua
Description: mod_lua
Adds mod_lua.
Build-Depends: liblua5.2-dev | liblua5.1-dev
Module: languages/mod_managed
Description: mod_managed
Adds mod_managed.
Build-Depends: libmono-2.0-dev, mono-mcs
Module: languages/mod_perl
Description: mod_perl
Adds mod_perl.
Build-Depends: libperl-dev
Build-Depends-Buster: libperl-dev, libgdbm-compat-dev
Module: languages/mod_python
Description: mod_python
Adds mod_python.
Build-Depends: python-dev
Module: languages/mod_v8
Description: mod_v8
Adds mod_v8.
Build-Depends: git, libv8-6.1-dev
Module: languages/mod_yaml
Description: mod_yaml
Adds mod_yaml.
Build-Depends: libyaml-dev, libglib2.0-dev
## mod/loggers
Module: loggers/mod_console
Description: mod_console
Adds mod_console.
Module: loggers/mod_graylog2
Description: mod_graylog2
Adds mod_greylog2.
Module: loggers/mod_logfile
Description: mod_logfile
Adds mod_logfile.
Module: loggers/mod_syslog
Description: mod_syslog
Adds mod_syslog.
## mod/say
Module: say/mod_say_de
Description: mod_say_de
Adds mod_say_de.
Module: say/mod_say_en
Description: mod_say_en
Adds mod_say_en.
Module: say/mod_say_es
Description: mod_say_es
Adds mod_say_es.
Module: say/mod_say_es_ar
Description: mod_say_es_ar
Adds mod_say_es_ar.
Module: say/mod_say_fa
Description: mod_say_fa
Adds mod_say_fa.
Module: say/mod_say_fr
Description: mod_say_fr
Adds mod_say_fr.
Module: say/mod_say_he
Description: mod_say_he
Adds mod_say_he.
Module: say/mod_say_hr
Description: mod_say_hr
Adds mod_say_hr.
Module: say/mod_say_hu
Description: mod_say_hu
Adds mod_say_hu.
Module: say/mod_say_it
Description: mod_say_it
Adds mod_say_it.
Module: say/mod_say_ja
Description: mod_say_ja
Adds mod_say_ja.
Module: say/mod_say_nl
Description: mod_say_nl
Adds mod_say_nl.
Module: say/mod_say_pl
Description: mod_say_pl
Adds mod_say_pl.
Module: say/mod_say_pt
Description: mod_say_pt
Adds mod_say_pt.
Module: say/mod_say_ru
Description: mod_say_ru
Adds mod_say_ru.
Module: say/mod_say_sv
Description: mod_say_sv
Adds mod_say_sv.
Module: say/mod_say_th
Description: mod_say_th
Adds mod_say_th.
Module: say/mod_say_zh
Description: mod_say_zh
Adds mod_say_zh.
## mod/sdk
Module: sdk/autotools
Description: autotools
Adds autotools.
## mod/timers
Module: timers/mod_posix_timer
Description: mod_posix_timer
Adds mod_posix_timer.
Module: timers/mod_timerfd