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FreeSWITCH for Debian
Because FreeSWITCH has so many modules it was necessary to create a
system to autogenerate the majority of the packaging. This in done
mostly in the file debian/ This bootstrap needs to run
before any other step of the packaging, though we do try to
autogenerate it when possible.
Getting the FreeSWITCH sources
Everything that follows will assume that you're in the base directory
of a FreeSWITCH git repository. You can achieve this with:
aptitude update && aptitude install -y git
mkdir -p /usr/src/freeswitch
git clone /usr/src/freeswitch/src
cd /usr/src/freeswitch/src
Ensuring you have a clean build directory
Every time you start over, you should make sure your build directory
is perfectly clean and clear of untracked files. You can accomplish
this with:
git clean -fdx && git reset --hard origin/master
Using the packaging to do a normal build
Let's say you don't want to build the Debian packages; you just want
to build FS. You'll need certain dependencies installed on your
system to do this. And you probably want to configure FS in the same
way we do for the packaging. You can let the packaging files do this
work for you so you don't have to manually keep track of which
dependencies are required to build FS. Build as follows:
aptitude update && aptitude install -y devscripts equivs build-essential
my_release=$(awk '/deb .*\/debian/{print $3; exit}' /etc/apt/sources.list)
(cd debian && ./ -c $my_release)
sed -i debian/control -e '/^#/d' && sed -i debian/control -e '/^$/N;/^\n$/D'
mk-build-deps -i
make -f debian/rules .stamp-configure && make
The debian/modules.conf file
If the file debian/modules.conf is present, we read that file and only
build and package the files listed there. Otherwise, we build every
module except the ones that either should not be packaged, or for
which we don't yet have good packaging.
The format of debian/modules.conf is:
## comments should start with two hash characters
Building the Debian packaging
If you want actualy Debian binary or source packages to upload to your
own repository, you'll need to build them as described here. We have
some fancy automatic tools to accomplish this. The tools allow you to
start from a very bare Debian image and generate working packages.
Building in this manner is only supported on Debian jessie, though it
will generate packages for all supported Debian releases. Simply run as root:
echo "USENETWORK=yes" >$HOME/.pbuilderrc
./debian/ build-all -ibn -z9 -aamd64 -cjessie
Building on Ubuntu
Building on supported Ubuntu releases requires the main and universe
APT components in the pbuilder chroot. You should enable the universe
component in your system's APT sources.list and use the -t option to
use your system sources in the chroot:
./debian/ build-all -ibn -z9 -t
Building only some modules
If you don't need all the modules to build, create a modules.conf file
outside of your source tree and pass the -f option to build-all. e.g.:
echo "applications/mod_commands" > /tmp/modules.conf
./debian/ build-all -ibn -z9 -f /tmp/modules.conf
Testing a particular module under packaging
If you need to build a small set of modules for compile testing in the
pbuilder environment, you can run:
./debian/ build-all -dni -z1 -a amd64 -c sid -l "applications/mod_commands"
Getting help with debian/
The debian/ has many options. You can see the documentation
for these options by running:
./debian/ -h
The debian/control-modules file
The build dependencies, runtime dependencies, and other details about
modules can be configured in the debian/control-modules file. Even
though this file looks a bit like a debian control file and has a
similar format, we are parsing this file ourselves so the format is a
bit more restricted.
debian/control-modules currently supports the following fields:
# lines that begin with the hash character are comments
# every block must start with a Module field
Module: <category>/<module_name>
Description: <short description>
<long description> # empty lines with "."s are not yet supported
Build-Depends: <build deps for this module>
Depends: <runtime deps for this module>
Recommends: <recommended packages>
Suggests: <suggested packages>
Distro-Conflicts: <distributions on which this module should not be built> # not yet implemented
During bootstrap we build a file control-modules.gen. If the
control-modules file is properly formatted, this generated file should
be identical. This is a sanity check mechanism for our parsing, as
well as a way to automatically reorganize the file.
Building Debian packages without
Building the packages without is not recommended as
takes care of many non-trivial details. If needed, however, the
packages can be built:
ver="$(cat build/next-release.txt | sed -e 's/-/~/g')~n$(date +%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ)-1~${distro}+1"
git clean -fdx && git reset --hard origin/master
./build/ "$ver"
git add && git commit -m "bump to custom v$ver"
(cd debian && ./ -c $distro)
dch -b -m -v "$ver" --force-distribution -D "unstable" "Custom build."
dpkg-buildpackage -b -us -uc -Zxz -z9
git reset --hard HEAD^
To build for a stable branch, do this:
distro=sid # update as needed
stable_ver="1.2.1" # update as needed
ver="$(echo "$stable_ver" | sed -e 's/-/~/g')~n$(date +%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ)-1~${distro}+1"
git clean -fdx && git reset --hard refs/tags/v${stable_ver}
./build/ "$ver"
git add && git commit -m "bump to custom v$ver"
(cd debian && ./ -c $distro)
dch -b -m -v "$ver" --force-distribution -D "unstable" "Custom build."
dpkg-buildpackage -b -us -uc -Zxz -z9
git reset --hard origin/master
Building the freeswitch-sounds and freeswitch-music packages
The source packages for sounds and music on hold are maintained in a
separate repository. Each set of sounds has a separate version number
and the processing of the sounds is quite different from what we're
doing here, so trying to maintain a merged debian/ between FreeSWITCH
and the sounds and music would be a mess.
To build the Debian packages for freeswitch-sounds-* and
git clone
cd freeswitch-sounds && cat debian/README.source
-- Travis Cross <>, Wed, 19 Mar 2014 19:07:23 +0000