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# blacklist all the drivers by default in order to ensure that
# /etc/init.d/dahdi installs them in the correct order so that the spans are
# ordered consistently.
blacklist wct4xxp
blacklist wcte12xp
blacklist wcte13xp
blacklist wct1xxp
blacklist wcte11xp
blacklist wctdm24xxp
blacklist wcfxo
blacklist wctdm
blacklist wctc4xxp
blacklist wcb4xxp
blacklist wcaxx
blacklist wcte43x
# Some mISDN drivers may try to attach to cards supported by DAHDI. If you
# have a card which is *not* supported by DAHDI but supported by one of the
# below drivers you should feel free to remove it from the blacklist below.
blacklist hfcmulti
blacklist netjet
blacklist hfcpci