Avoid a race between /etc/init.d/dahdi and hotplug scripts:

* On some systems/configurations, dahdi init script may kick in
  during the time that hotplug scripts are configuring spans.

* It may lead to a race since the init script runs "dahdi_auto_assign_compat"
  which calls "dahdi_registration" and that tries to run
  "dahdi_span_assignments auto ..."

* Use the newly-added "dahdi_span_assignments" "unmatched" operation.

* Now the "dahdi_auto_assign_compat" script only runs "dahdi_registration"
  if there are no "unmatched" Astribanks.

* This prevents the race in fully configured systems.
  The race may still exist on partially-configured systems.
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Oron Peled 2017-08-28 21:47:49 +03:00 committed by Tzafrir Cohen
parent dc95a1164f
commit 754d981621
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@ -22,4 +22,9 @@ devices_by_registration_time | \
# Now handle Astribanks
LC_ALL=C dahdi_registration -Rv on
unmatched="`dahdi_span_assignments unmatched`"
if [ -n "$unmatched" ]; then
# Only if astribanks are not matched in span-assignments.conf
# TODO: have dahdi_registration run only on "$unmatched"
LC_ALL=C dahdi_registration -Rv on