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Modify the Makefile to fit your system, especially the path to the Asterisk
include files.
To build the driver you will need an installed CAPI system, including header
By default, an internal version of libcapi20 is used (you do not need libcapi20 to
be installed on your system). If you do not want this and the installed libcapi20
should be used, add the option
to the 'make' command.
To build from/for other Asterisk sources (default is '/' where /usr/include/asterisk
is expected), add option
INSTALL_PREFIX=<where your /usr/include/asterisk is>
to 'make' command. This makes also sense when compiling for other targets or when
cross compiling.
To build the channel module:
For verbose compiling:
make V=1
To install:
make install
To install a sample configuration:
make install_config
In /etc/asterisk/modules.conf insert the line:
load =>
and in the [global] section:
Don't forget a trailing newline at the end of modules.conf!