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* An implementation of Common ISDN API 2.0 for Asterisk
* Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Cytronics & Melware
* Armin Schindler <>
* This program is free software and may be modified and
* distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License.
#ifndef _PBX_CAPI_CHAT_H
#define _PBX_CAPI_CHAT_H
* prototypes
extern int pbx_capi_chat(struct ast_channel *c, char *param);
extern int pbx_capi_chat_associate_resource_plci(struct ast_channel *c, char *param);
extern struct capi_pvt* pbx_check_resource_plci(struct ast_channel *c);
extern char *pbxcli_capi_chatinfo(struct ast_cli_entry *e, int cmd, struct ast_cli_args *a);
extern int pbxcli_capi_chatinfo(int fd, int argc, char *argv[]);
extern int pbx_capi_chat_command (struct ast_channel *c, char *param);
extern int pbx_capi_chat_mute(struct ast_channel *c, char *param);
extern int pbx_capi_chat_play(struct ast_channel *c, char *param);