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extern int capi_DivaStreamingSupported(unsigned controller);
extern void capi_DivaStreamingOn(struct capi_pvt *i, unsigned char streamCommand, _cword messageNumber);
extern void capi_DivaStreamingStreamNotUsed(struct capi_pvt *i, byte streamCommand, _cword messageNumber);
extern void capi_DivaStreamingRemoveInfo(struct capi_pvt *i);
extern void capi_DivaStreamingRemove(struct capi_pvt *i);
extern void divaStreamingWakeup(void);
extern unsigned int capi_DivaStreamingGetStreamInUse(const struct capi_pvt* i);
extern void capi_DivaStreamLock(void);
extern void capi_DivaStreamUnLock (void);
extern void capi_DivaStreamingDisable (void);
typedef enum _diva_stream_state {
DivaStreamCreated = 0,
DivaStreamActive = 1,
DivaStreamCancelSent = 2,
DivaStreamDisconnectSent = 3,
DivaStreamDisconnected = 4
} diva_stream_state_t;
typedef struct _diva_stream_scheduling_entry {
diva_entity_link_t link;
struct _diva_stream *diva_stream;
diva_stream_state_t diva_stream_state;
struct capi_pvt *i;
int rx_flow_control;
int tx_flow_control;
char vname[CAPI_MAX_STRING]; /* Cached from capi_pvt */
dword PLCI; /* Cached from capi_pvt */
time_t cancel_start;
} diva_stream_scheduling_entry_t;