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MelwareDE 955b02d460 Added changes from 8 years ago
MelwareDE 2c636c7484 Coding style, formatting. 12 years ago
MelwareDE 999b9e306b Customer reported unexpected behavior after incoming call with redirection number information element. The problem is caused by destruction of internal structures of libc and arrives not on every system but 13 years ago
MelwareDE 11a6cb0e4a Prepare the possibility to use same context for processing of all types of calls, update coding stype, add notes 14 years ago
MelwareDE f13d666088 Use received from IP tone events for VC command 14 years ago
MelwareDE 47d4849bab - minor fixes for verbose messages 14 years ago
MelwareDE ffcf6757d6 Runtime optimization 14 years ago
MelwareDE ff1c4217c2 Remove debug message 14 years ago
MelwareDE c2411cac82 Add media control commands. Add possibility to invoke media control commands by detected tone events in real time 14 years ago