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MelwareDE c02af7806f Added patch from Michael Gernoth to fix bridging by removing codec 'none'. 2019-01-22 08:03:48 +00:00
MelwareDE 07f6d27017 - fixed check of asterisk version with asterisk binary if another install path is used.
- prepared check for asterisk version 14.
2017-01-15 17:16:26 +00:00
MelwareDE 7de878e54d Hide error output if version.h of Asterisk is not found. 2017-01-15 17:15:08 +00:00
MelwareDE a054dff7ae Added patch to support Asterisk 13 from Michael Kuron. 2017-01-15 17:12:14 +00:00
MelwareDE c6946a40c8 Fixed typo in setting hangupcause for asterisk-11 code. 2016-10-30 18:57:44 +00:00
MelwareDE ea23483041 CAPI specs (5th edition diagrams in section A.5) say that early B3 should
trigger on progress indication ("Progress tones available") and this is
how chan_capi actually worked before revision 101 (2005-09-04).

Q.931 (05.98) sections 5.1.2 and 5.4 also specify similar handling on lower
level (they also add "Call is not end-to-end ISDN; further call progress
information may be available in-band" as possible triggering indication).

This patch adds 't' option to dial string that allows switching chan_capi
to such mode of operation.
Without this option set chan_capi works as it did previously.

While we are at it also let's clean up handling of 'DISCONNECT' message
received via INFO_IND - 'case 2' had unnecessary dependency on 'doB3' variable
(only one value is possible by this point in code with i->outgoing being set),
'case 4' had unreachable branch and unnecessary predicates (which were always
These changes should not cause any differences in operation.

Signed-off-by: Maciej S. Szmigiero <>
2016-07-11 14:32:43 +00:00
MelwareDE 955b02d460 Added changes from
Thanks to Mihai Moldovan
2015-02-28 16:35:31 +00:00
MelwareDE f143a92dd1 Detect threeway call. 2013-10-22 10:25:45 +00:00
MelwareDE 840557751c Check for bchannel information element on incoming call. 2013-08-09 10:56:22 +00:00
MelwareDE 72111c4049 - Adapt to new cache argument for ast_devstate_changed() 2013-02-04 10:36:20 +00:00
MelwareDE 20eef6a35a Refuse to reload on active channels. 2012-11-15 10:37:50 +00:00
MelwareDE 850e8c24d1 try to check for asterisk version 11 2012-11-06 09:25:32 +00:00
MelwareDE 2ceebff2d9 restart changes 2012-10-24 11:58:02 +00:00
MelwareDE 36c44f6e3f Added hint for Asterisk 1.8 2012-10-24 11:18:57 +00:00
MelwareDE 0a308ee538 Fixed compilation for new Asterisk-10 and new gcc. 2012-06-13 13:29:40 +00:00
MelwareDE eb21edd1cf Using bfdload.bin newer v.24/112-20 this is possible to activate noise supression in Tx direction too. 2012-05-22 12:52:08 +00:00
MelwareDE 37f2ff6580 This is not good to take a global lock and jump into the asterisk code. It looks like following situation appears: while held iflock and waiting for channels->lock in asterisk other thread which already held channels->lock jumps jumps some where iflock is required. 2012-04-11 09:45:19 +00:00
MelwareDE 50df20964f Do not access channel->fds directly, use ast_channel_set_fd if available 2012-03-02 22:36:08 +00:00
MelwareDE 29b662a4b6 asterisk -rx "module reload chan_capi" works now. This allows to start Asterisk while CAPI is not loaded and reload chan_capi after CAPI received available. This is the same as unload and load module and does not preserves active connections 2011-11-16 21:43:04 +00:00
MelwareDE 02c9627241 Multiple customers complained that asterisk cant start if CAPI is not loaded 2011-11-16 10:01:28 +00:00
MelwareDE 670b17998c Original idea was to use L1/L2 state to manage mapping of outgoing calls to available hardware resources for E.1/T.1 only. This functionality is not availeble for BRI: the state of L2 is newer known: even if we know local L2 activation policy we do not know the remote on and do not know if L2 activation works without problems. But now it is requested to show the state of BRI interfaces. The code is modified to maintain two states: functional and visual one. Functional is used for E.1/T.1 only. Visual is used for every one. 2011-10-26 16:59:11 +00:00
MelwareDE 9fdc04e405 Error in 'capidev_acquire_locks_from_thread_context' for asterisk >= 1.8. ast_channel_unlock was called after ast_channel_unref. In case ast_channel_unref released channel memory this resulted in access to already freed memory area 2011-10-05 09:56:42 +00:00
MelwareDE dcbb83ac1f Called from capi thread context 'ast_set_callerid' updates CDR. At same time CDR is updated from context of pbx thread (__ast_pbx_run). Pbx thread doen not uses channel lock. As resut memory blocks greed multiple times. 2011-10-05 09:09:23 +00:00
MelwareDE 011b8e71f9 Clean up 2011-10-04 08:55:41 +00:00
MelwareDE a195a39a55 Compaibility with asterisk 10.0 BETA1 2011-10-04 08:41:28 +00:00
MelwareDE 0f986eebc9 RTP changes for asterisk 1.8 2011-08-30 19:20:05 +00:00
MelwareDE 6307669221 Added missing cause message for CUG. 2011-08-07 14:31:05 +00:00
MelwareDE 49d3f54fcc Add support for tx stream counter polling 2011-07-01 20:30:39 +00:00
MelwareDE 7cb0fe0e8f /dev/mem is accessible for root user only. Implement system call instead of mapping using /dev/mem to access stream counter. 2011-06-14 21:17:01 +00:00
MelwareDE 00b4758564 Fixed descriptor leak 2011-06-14 11:34:59 +00:00
MelwareDE c1e0bc653b Fixed triggered by disconnect collision crash 2011-05-11 09:03:17 +00:00
MelwareDE 43e2232a0e Activate work around for processing fast sequences of CPN/DTMF/KEY events. Please see main/channel.c (call to tech->read or and processing of DTMF frames). 2011-04-29 09:44:26 +00:00
MelwareDE 4411cbc18c Work around processing of fast sequence of events (overlapped receiving of called party number) 2011-04-21 21:04:29 +00:00
MelwareDE f0c37c2067 Allow to Dial without sending complete i.e. This is necessary if dialing is done in overlapped mode but signeling network does not supports sending of initla message witout CPN: SS7 IAM without CPN results in protocol error if send to switch (vendor?) but works B2B with Diva. 2011-04-21 20:44:45 +00:00
MelwareDE c5a0982ee5 Add support for host based protocol code 2011-04-13 10:39:05 +00:00
MelwareDE c4bc7f524b Spelling 2011-04-01 08:55:49 +00:00
MelwareDE 78fd7fb7e5 Only noise supression command should be sent to Data PLCI 2011-03-07 09:57:43 +00:00
MelwareDE 524cc0f1ac Move data related debug output to verbosity level 8 2011-03-07 09:56:52 +00:00
MelwareDE 21aa254147 Add distclean and sysclean clean targets (for development use). 2011-02-04 17:41:46 +00:00
MelwareDE 274a293f76 Add access to Diva trace driver 2011-02-04 17:37:27 +00:00
MelwareDE b684805ca1 Restored compilation with version 1.2 2011-02-04 17:36:26 +00:00
MelwareDE 53915531f5 Add copyright 2011-02-04 17:23:43 +00:00
MelwareDE 578b7005c7 Add module to write traces to Diva trace driver. Restore compilation with version 1.2 2011-02-04 17:18:05 +00:00
MelwareDE 08db9b6db3 Do not update CAPI LI state if PLCI is about to be removed. This reduces the overall sysm load in case high amount of users leaves the conference 2011-01-12 00:15:34 +00:00
MelwareDE 58cf952292 Add sending of CALL PROCEEDING messages 2010-12-21 19:14:27 +00:00
MelwareDE ca1b241cdf For unknown reason NULL PLCI queue is not properly processed while line interconnect is in process. The queue grows from line interconnect to line interconnect and causes long delay. This behavior to be investigated. Current solutionis to drom queue if exceeds practicelly acceptable limits 2010-12-17 12:10:14 +00:00
MelwareDE bad928afca Add 'capi show bridges' to show used by group based conference resources. Add information about state of tx stream to 'capi show resources' 2010-12-16 23:11:31 +00:00
MelwareDE 02d04c7e9d Use const to improve optimization 2010-12-16 23:05:00 +00:00
MelwareDE 22833e5ec7 Group based conference, debug 2010-12-16 14:28:46 +00:00
MelwareDE c4a5d9e6d4 Allow use of group based conference for resource PLCIand for TDM connections 2010-12-15 21:05:26 +00:00