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@ -236,3 +236,32 @@ With a DIVA Server, following features are provided:
- Color Fax
- JPEG Compression is disabled (not tested yet)
Asterisk variables used/set by chan_capi
The 'type of number' value of the called number is saved in this variable on
incomming call.
If a call is put on hold (ISDN-HOLD), the reference id is saved in this variable.
This variable is inherited as CALLERHOLDID to the dialed channel and will be used
if e.g. capicommand(ect) is used to transfer the held call.
Can be set before answering and if set, the content is used for
IE 'Connected Number' on answering.
If chan_capi sends the call to extensions 'fax', the original extension number
is saved in this variable.
If set, this value will be used as hangup cause on hangup.
On incoming call, if the call was redirected to you by someone, the
number of the redirecting party is saved in this variable.