Better call distribution algorithm

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@ -565,3 +565,22 @@ REDIRECTIONNUMBER
The two values of the information element PI (Progress Indicator).
Asterisk outgoing calls
Distribution of outgoing calls is controlled by two
configuration variables (capi.conf, controller specific).
hlimit - Number of reserved channels. If number of free
channels is below the one specified by 'hlimit' value then
no new outgoing calls are delivered to this controller.
slimit - If value is set for multiple belonging to same dialout group
controllers then the outgoing calls are distributd as follows:
Calls are delivered to the controller with smalest (in group)
number and the amount of free channels bigger then or equal to
one speciefied by 'slimit'. After amount of free channels for all
included in the group controllers is decreased below one specified
by 'slimit' value calls are distributed in rount robin fashion
between all (in group) controllers.