Add econtransitconn configurationsparameter

MelwareDE 2010-07-17 23:30:57 +00:00
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commit 0edff4c50d
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@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ HEAD
Diva 4PRI HS PCIe, Diva 2PRI HS PCIe, Diva 1PRI HS PCIe,
Diva 8PRI PCIe FS, Diva 4PRI PCIe FS)
- Fixed memory leak in chat_play if using with 's' option
- Add 'econtransitconn' configurationsparameter. Allows to preserve
EC for transsit connections

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@ -180,6 +180,14 @@ Enable/Disable echocancel:
exten => s,1,capicommand(echocancel|no)
By default chan_capi deactivates echo-cancel for transit connections
(Dial command called from existing call). You can use 'econtransitconn'
configurationsparameter (capi.conf) to change this behavior:
econtransitconn=0 ; Deactivate EC on transsit connections
econtransitconn=1 ; Deactivate EC on secondary call of transit connetion only
econtransitconn=2 ; Deactivate EC on primary call of transit connetion only
econtransitconn=3 ; Do not deactivate EC on transit connections
Malicious Call Identification:
Reports a call of malicious nature.