fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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spooldir = @localstatedir@/spool/capisuite
pkgsysconfdir = @sysconfdir@/capisuite
docdir = @docdir@
EXTRA_DIST = capisuite.cronin cronjob.conf ChangeLog.complete ChangeLog.2003 ChangeLog.2004
SUBDIRS = src scripts docs
all: capisuite.cron rc.capisuite
capisuite.cron: capisuite.cronin
rm -f $@
sed -e 's,@pkgsysconfdir\@,$(pkgsysconfdir),g' \
-e 's,@spooldir\@,$(spooldir),g' $< >$@
chmod a+x $@
rm -f $@
sed -e 's,@pkgsysconfdir\@,$(pkgsysconfdir),g' \
-e 's,@sbindir\@,$(sbindir),g' $< >$@
chmod a+x $@
rm -f rc.capisuite capisuite.cron
#force re-creation of ChangeLog
.PHONY: ChangeLog ChangeLog.complete
echo "# This file is automatically generated from the git log for" > ChangeLog
echo "# the current branch (i.e. the branch which was used for this" >> ChangeLog
echo "# release). Only changes starting from 2005-01-01 are listed here." >> ChangeLog
echo "#" >> ChangeLog
echo "# ChangeLog.complete lists all changes in all branches if needed" >> ChangeLog
echo "# for reference." >> ChangeLog
echo >> ChangeLog
git log >> ChangeLog
echo "# This file is automatically generated from the git" > ChangeLog.complete
echo "# repository. It contains all changes in all development branches" >> ChangeLog.complete
echo "# and is only meant for reference purposes. If you want to see the" >> ChangeLog.complete
echo "# changes which lead to this release, please refer to the ChangeLog" >> ChangeLog.complete
echo >> ChangeLog.complete
git log -g >> ChangeLog.complete