fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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# -*- mode: python ; coding: iso_8859_15 -*-
# - default script for capisuite
# ---------------------------------------------
# copyright : (C) 2002 by Gernot Hillier
# email :
# version : $Revision: 1.13 $
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
import os, time, pwd, fcntl
# capisuite stuff
#import capisuite
import capisuite.fax
from capisuite.config import NoOptionError
import capisuite.core as core
# todo: eliminate this
import capisuite.helpers as helpers
# sendfax is now imported from capisuite.fax
from capisuite.fileutils import _releaseLock, _getLock, LockTakenError
def idle(capi):
capi = capisuite.core.Capi(capi)
config = capisuite.config.readGlobalConfig()
spool = config.get('GLOBAL', "spool_dir")
max_tries = config.getint('GLOBAL', "send_tries")
delays = config.getList('GLOBAL', "send_delays")
except NoOptionError, err:
core.error("global option %s not found." % err.option)
# todo: implement config.getQueue(queue,user=None)
doneQ = os.path.join(spool, "done")
failedQ = os.path.join(spool, "failed")
if not os.access(doneQ, os.W_OK) or not os.access(failedQ, os.W_OK):
core.error("Can't read/write to the necessary spool dirs below %s" % spool)
# search in all user-specified sendq's
for user in config.listUsers():
outgoing_num = config.getUser(user, "outgoing_msn")
if not outgoing_num:
incoming_nums = config.getUser(user, "fax_numbers")
if not incoming_nums:
outgoing_num = incoming_nums.split(',')[0].strip()
mailaddress = config.getUser(user, "fax_email", user)
fromaddress = config.getUser(user, "fax_email_from", user)
for jobnum, controlfile in capisuite.fax.getQueueFiles(config, user):
core.log("checking job %s %s" % (jobnum, controlfile), 3)
assert controlfile == os.path.abspath(controlfile)
# lock the job so that it isn't deleted while sending
lock = _getLock('dummy', forfile=controlfile, blocking=0)
except LockTakenError:
# if we didn't get the lock, continue with next job
control = capisuite.config.JobDescription(controlfile)
fax_file = control.get('filename')
assert fax_file == os.path.abspath(fax_file)
# both the job control file and the fax file must have
# the users uid
uid = pwd.getpwnam(user).pw_uid
if os.stat(controlfile).st_uid != uid or \
os.stat(fax_file).st_uid != uid:
core.error("job %s seems to be manipulated "
"(wrong uid)! Ignoring..." % controlfile)
except OSError, e:
core.error("job %s seems to be manipulated! "
"%s Ignoring..." % (controlfile, e))
# todo: describe what is tested here
# perhaps it was cancelled?
if not os.access(controlfile, os.W_OK):
# set DST value to -1 (unknown), as strptime sets it wrong
# for some reason
starttime = time.strptime(control.get("starttime"))[:-1]+(-1, )
starttime = time.mktime(starttime)
if starttime > time.time():
sendinfo = {
'outgoing_num': outgoing_num,
'dialstring': control.get("dialstring")
# these options may overwrite the global settings per job
for n in ('stationID', 'headline'):
if control.has_option(n):
sendinfo[n] = control.get(n)
core.log("job %s from %s to %s initiated" %
(jobnum, user, sendinfo['dialstring']), 1)
result, faxinfo = capisuite.fax.sendfax(config, user, capi,
fax_file, **sendinfo)
result, resultB3 = result
core.log("job %s: result was 0x%x, 0x%x" % \
(jobnum, result, resultB3), 1)
sendinfo['result'] = result
sendinfo['resultB3'] = resultB3
sendinfo['hostname'] = os.uname()[1]
if faxinfo:
# todo: use symbolic names for these results to be more
# meaningfull
send_ok = resultB3 == 0 \
and result in (0, 0x3400, 0x3480, 0x3490, 0x349f)
tries = control.getint("tries") +1
control.set('tries', tries)
if send_ok:
core.log("job %s: finished successfully" % jobnum, 1)
control = capisuite.fax.moveJob(controlfile, doneQ, user)
fromaddress, mailaddress,
config.get('MailFaxSent', 'subject') % sendinfo,
config.get('MailFaxSent', 'text') % sendinfo)
elif tries >= max_tries:
# too many ties, send failed
core.log("job %s: failed finally" % jobnum, 1)
control = capisuite.fax.moveJob(controlfile, failedQ, user)
fromaddress, mailaddress,
config.get('MailFaxFailed', 'subject') % sendinfo,
config.get('MailFaxFailed', 'text') % sendinfo)
# delay next try
next_delay = int(delays[ min(len(delays),tries) -1 ])
core.log("job %s: delayed for %i seconds" % \
(jobnum, next_delay), 2)
starttime = time.time() + next_delay
control.set('starttime', time.ctime(starttime))