fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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# -*- python -*-
SCons builder for creating source tars.
import SCons
from SCons.Node.FS import Base
from SCons.Node.Python import Value
class DistSourceOfFile(Value): pass
def _e_dist(target, source, env):
def collect_sources(sources, collected, done):
for s in sources:
if done.has_key(s): continue
done[s] = None
if not s.is_derived(): # this node is not built (nor side-effect)
#assert not s.all_children()
if isinstance(s, Base) and s.is_under(env.fs.Dir('#')):
if not s.srcnode().exists():
print 'warning: file', s.srcnode(), 'is missing'
collected[s] = None
collect_sources(s.all_children(scan=1), collected, done)
def cmp_path(a, b):
return cmp(a.get_path(), b.get_path())
collected = {}; done = {}
for s in source:
if isinstance(s, DistSourceOfFile):
collect_sources([s.value], collected, done)
collected[s] = None
collected = [ c.srcnode() for c in collected.keys() ]
return (target, collected)
def DistTar(target, source, env):
import tarfile
tar =[0]), "w:gz")
for name in source:
name = str(name)
tar.add(name, env.subst('${PACKAGE}-${VERSION}/') + name)
def _str_DistTar(target, source, env):
return env.subst('tar czf $TARGET $SOURCES')
_builder = SCons.Builder.Builder(
emitter = _e_dist,
multi = 1,
_builder_dist = SCons.Builder.Builder(
emitter = _e_dist,
multi = 1,
def generate(env):
env['BUILDERS']['SourceTar'] = _builder
env['BUILDERS']['DistTar'] = _builder_dist
env.DistSourceOfFile = DistSourceOfFile
def exists(env):
import SCons.Tools.tar
return SCons.Tools.tar.exists(env)