fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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* scripts: removed the special support for giving an empty voice_email/
fax_email parameter. This is NOT allowed any more and will result in
an error when sending the mail. Simply don't set these parameters
any more if you don't need them!
* scripts: remote inquiry now uses correct female form ("eine Nachricht"
instead of "eins Nachricht", thx to Eckhard Rggeberg and J<EFBFBD>g Fester)
* scripts: capisuitefax now submits a single job if several
files are given (implemented by Hartmut Goebel, fixes bug #38)
* scripts: New script capisuite-checkconfig for checking the
configuration (thx to for the
idea and a first version, improved by Hartmut Goebel).
* core: major refactoring of the Python based interface has
been done. Now a complete new Python module library
implements a lot of useful functions and offers handy
abstractions. (planned and implemented by Hartmut Goebel)
* scripts: the mails sent can now be configured in the special sections
MailFaxReceived, MailFaxSent, MailFaxFailed and MailVoiceReceived in
answering_machine.conf and fax.conf (implemented by Hartmut Goebel)
* scripts: the mails sent with received voice and fax calls will now
contain some general information like length of calls, number of
pages, etc. (thx to Achim Bohnet and Thomas Niesel for the feature
requests; closes bug #6 finally)
* core: the Python functions switch_to_faxG3, fax_receive, fax_send,
audio_send and audio_receive now return some informational data about
the transfer
* core: the Python functions will now only throw the CallGoneError
exception when a hangup is NOT expected; this means many functions
like faxReceive() will now finish normally when no call abort happens
* core: accept incoming color faxes now
* started a detailed ChangeLog file from 2003-10-05. From now on, NEWS
should only contain important changes from a user's point of view, while
ChangeLog records all changes in detail.
* documentation: 5 man pages are now also created: capisuite(8),
capisuite.conf(5), fax.conf(5), answering_machine.conf(5),
capisuitefax(1) (fixes bug #13, thx to Achim Bohnet for reporting)
* scripts: prevent cropping of fax pages by auto-scaling
* scripts: use a SMTP connection to localhost instead of calling the
sendmail binary for sending mails. Many reports showed that calling
sendmail manually doesn't work well on quite some systems
* scripts: capisuitefax now also accepts PDF files (thx to Jochen Meyer
and Eckhard Rggeberg for reporting)
* core: behave correctly when DATA_B3_CONF messages come early (thx to
Karsten Keil for analyzing and a nice fix!)
* core: fixed a bug which could lead to a crash when some unexpected
CAPI messages arrived (thx to Karsten Keil for analyzing)
* core: fixed compile problem with new capi4linux library
* core: fixed a crash which could be caused by wrong DDI parameters
in capisuite.conf
* scripts: Adapted to work with the new parameters of sfftobmp 3.x.
Normally, installed version will be detected automatically when
building CapiSuite. If you change your sfftobmp version later,
you'll have to adapt the function sfftotif at the beginning of manually.
* scripts: added new options "fax_email_from" and "voice_email_from" to
answering_machine.conf and fax.conf (thx to Achim Bohnet for submitting
a patch with this feature!; closes bug #46)
* core: use shorter, more readable format for Python traceback logging
* Makefiles: fixed "make" to not trying to create directories any more -
this prevented normal users to call "make" sometimes (thx to Steffen
Barszus for the detailled report)
* scripts: added new non-error ISDN cause (0x349f) to fax send routine.
It was wrongly understood as an error before and therefore leading to
repeated fax sends (thx to Stefan Brandner for reporting)
* scripts: fixed a bug which lead to a connection abort when the
answering machine recognized an incoming fax call (thx to Andreas
Scholz and Harald Jansen)
* scripts: fixed a bug which under some circumstances caused an error
message when fax_numbers was not set for a user
* scripts: received voice calls are now converted to 16 bit WAV files
instead of 8 bit; this leads to a dramatically better playback quality
for the sound files attached to the sent mails (thx to Holger Krull
for the fix; closes bug #51)
* core: support for ISDN lines with DDI (means you only have one base
number - not a list of MSNs - and can define extensions how you like;
in Germany used in the "Anlagenanschluss"). We now have three new
DDI_* options in capisuite.conf. Many thanks goes to J<EFBFBD>g Fester and
the x-dot GmbH for paying and supporting me to develop this feature.
They use CapiSuite in their product (see
0.4.3 (CVS tag CAPISUITE_043):
* scripts & core: support color fax reception (bug #22, thx to
Axel Schneck)
* scripts: added missing file "" to install targets in
Makefiles (thx to Wolfgang Dollendorf)
* scripts: added missing "" which is necessary for the remote
inquiry of recorded international calls (bug #27)
* scripts: fax_numbers may be now left empty in fax.conf. This makes
it possible to use one MSN for receiving/sending faxes and voice
calls (fax sending was refused up to now if fax_numbers was empty).
(bug #23)
* scripts: number of needed tries reported after sending a fax was
wrong (bug #29, thx to Eckhard Rggeberg)
* scripts: fax jobs can be given a literal addressee and a subject
for informational purposes now (bug #18 reported by Achim Bohnet)
* core: fax headline is now converted to the right charset internally,
so that special characters like german umlauts are working now
(thx to Eckhard Rggeberg for reporting)
* scripts: Sander Roest found a workaround for the odd Python error
"cannot unmarshal code objects in restricted execution mode" which
mainly hit Redhat users for any reason beyond my understanding and
prevented CapiSuite from sending mails sometimes/always...
* switched from BerliOS bug tracker to Mantis installed on http://www.
0.4.2 (CVS tag CAPISUITE_042):
* manual now available as PDF
* scripts: fixed an overflow in which caused hangs for
the receive of long (more than about 40 pages) fax documents
* scripts: fixed a bug in which caused a fax send delay of one
hour when daylight saving time is in effect
* scripts: attachments to sent e-mails now get a valid filename
* scripts: the *_email settings from fax.conf and answering_machine.conf
now allow to set multiple addresses to send the mails to
* scripts: the "*_numbers" settings from fax.conf and answering_machine.conf
now support the special sign "-" for "no destination number available"
(e.g. needed for the austrian "Global Call")
* scripts: capisuitefax now handles filenames and dialstrings with
special chars (spaces etc.) correctly
* scripts: new parameter "--user" added to capisuitefax; thx to Wolfgang
Eul for the patch!
* core: use "-" instead of "??" for "no number available", e.g.
important for the call_from and call_to parameters of scripts
* core: small bug which lead to a wrong outgoing MSN in rare cases fixed
0.4.1a (tag CAPISUITE_041a):
* fixed a bug in the rc-script of CapiSuite which made
"capisuite start" unfunctional in 0.4.1 (path of executable changed)
* included tests and changes for gcc-2.95, no patch necessary
any more to build CapiSuite with it
* CapiSuite now checks controller abilities and respects them
when connecting (e.g. use extended fax protocols if available)
-> this also works around a severe crash with AVM drivers when
transmitting a fax to/from some analog devices
* fixed SECURITY bug in cronjob which allowed every CapiSuite user
to become root. Sorry... :-((
0.4.1 (tag CAPISUITE_041):
* cron script: redirect error output to /dev/null
* core: cosmetical code improvements to make old gcc-2.95 more happy
* core: fixed problems when doing "make install" to an arbitrary prefix
* core: moved "capisuite" to <prefix>/sbin instead of bin
* scripts: fixed freezing which lead to CapiSuite not sending
faxes any more after some time (#527)
* scripts: fixed remote inquiry: mixed new and old messages sometimes
* scripts: stricter permissions of received files and dirs (#544)
* scripts: new option dial_prefix implemented (#537)
* scripts: better check for options read from config files, (#531)
many options are optional now with a resonable default
* scripts: capisuitefax shebang corrected (#536)
Thanks goes mainly to Achim Bohnet and Dieter Pelzel for reporting bugs
0.4 (first public release, tag CAPISUITE_04):
* added cron script for cleaning up spool dirs
* fixed bug in rc.capisuite (was also started when not configured)
* scripts: remote inquiry supports new and old messages now
* scripts: capisuitefax can show sendqueue and delete jobs now
0.3.2 (internal release):
* core: finally got rid of the CommonC++ library:
- threading implemented using native pthread_* calls
- rewritten CapiSuite::parseConfigFile() to use STL strings
- changed Connection class to use pthread_mutex_*
* scripts: fixed bug which lead to hanging processes of externally
started progs like sendmail
* scripts: minor fixes
0.3.1 (internal release):
* dist: included spec and init file in CVS and dist
* scripts: use different sendqueues for each user
* core: fixed some bugs:
- capisuite.error() didn't work,
- logging in outgoing connections didn't work
- callingParty wasn't set correctly
* scripts: answering machine switches to fax when incoming service
indicator says fax
* scripts: sayNumber can now handle all numbers from 0 to 99, so all
dates and times are now said nearly correctly for the remote inquiry
* scripts: fixed a typo in
* docs: added ISDN/CAPI error codes to manual
0.3 (internal release):
* split up script configuration in two files (anwering machine, fax),
some new features configurable now (e.g. actions)
0.2.1 (internal release):
* many document improvements (new DocBook manual)
0.2 (internal release):
* log improvements: log-level configurable (see capisuite.conf),
appending log-file instead of re-creating
* configure allows to set docdir with --with-docdir
* CapiSuite can be finished using Ctrl-C and SIGTERM nicely
* very limited support for reload (kill -1) - only re-activates
de-actived idle script yet, no reload of configuration
* all configuration for the scripts put in own config file
* support for various new configuration options, multi-user-ready
scripts (different user dirs in spool_dir/users)
* audio_receive does truncate recorded silence away
* remote inquiry supports recording of own announcement
* commandline option "-d" runs CapiSuite as daemon
* new python commands: capisuite.log and capisuite.error let scripts
write messages to the CapiSuite log and error log
0.1 (internal release):
* "make install" and "make dist" work now, use config.h
* added main docu page for doxygen
* added capisuitefax-script (command line tool for sending faxes)
* added support for sending faxes in
* added support for "capisuite.conf" (global configuration file)
* capisuite can write its output to logfiles now
* faxsend module added, new python function fax_send()
* idle script will be disabled after 10 subsequent errors
* B3 disconnect cause now returned by disconnect() python function
0.03 (internal release):
* improvement in idle script handling, own class for it (IdleScript)
* new classes for Python script handling (PythonScript) and derived
classes (IncomingScript & IdleScript)
* new python functions call_voice and call_faxG3 to initiate outgoing
* changed python exception handling to allow multiple calls in one
script to be handled correctly
* python functions disconnect() and reject() wait for complete
disconnection and return the disconnect cause now
* assure nice disconnection in any error case (hopefully)
* when error occured in script, physical connection is finished
immediately leading to an error visible at the sending side (e.g.
when using the fax protocol)
* cleaned up python reference counting and threads, no known memory
leaks any more
* many changes to support outgoing calls (new module, small changes)
* Connection objects will be destroyed by application level now so
dangling pointers are avoided
* exception handling generally improved
0.02 (internal release):
* many bug fixes as usual (SEGV, ...)
available in python now, no need to use CIP values any more
* audio_send and audio_receive return length in seconds now
* added support for idle script which can initiate outgoing calls
0.01 (internal release):
* changed name from CapiCom to CapiSuite (name conflict with MS crypto
* added doxygen-created documentation for classes and python exported
* get_DTMF() was renamed to read_DTMF() and can wait for DTMF now
* connect_telephony() renamed to connect_voice()