fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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2004-12-30 Hartmut Goebel <>
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin: Changed sfftotiff to be defined
depending on @sfftobmp_major_version@ during runtime. This
switch is made based by a compiletime substitution of
sfftobmp_major_version. This change avoids problems which the
old substitution may have cause ('#3' is an extremly short
replacement pattern).
* scripts/ ( Likewise. Remove old
2004-11-28 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/manual.docbook: update to new features of 0.4.5, mention the
mISDN project, mention other binary packages besides SUSE/Debian,
kick out old Debian documentation, replace occurences of CVS with
SVN, remove requirement of autotools for SVN build, mention
Docbook/XML tools, include documentation for DDI, add update
* docs/manual-de.docbook: Likewise.
* docs/ add generation of documentation tar-balls and
german docu
2004-11-26 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/ add man-pages to distribution, hopefully finally
avoid to have them created during normal build
* docs/ renamed to manual.docbook again
2004-11-07 Gernot Hillier <>
* test for the sfftobmp version installed
* acinclude.m4 (CS_TEST_SFFTOBMP): Likewise.
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (sfftotiff,sendMIMEMail): New function which
calls sfftobmp so that the parameters can be easily changed. Include
two versions for sfftomp 2.x and 3.x. Thanks for reporting this
issue goes to Edelhard Becker.
* scripts/ ( Choose the right sfftobmp call
automatically during build.
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (sendMIMEMail): add parameters to tiff2ps, gs
and ps2pdf which prevent cropping of fax pages. Thanks to all the
people who contributed suggestions and patches to bug #55.
* scripts/ Likewise.
2004-10-25 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/capisuite-py/ minor documentation changes
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ (class NoGlobalSectionError): moved
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
2004-09-04 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (__sendmail, __call, sff2tif, cff2ps,
la2wav, sendMIMEMail): fix several bugs, answering machine now seems
to work basically
* scripts/answering_machine.confin: update description of parameter
voice_email to new behaviour (empty string not allowed any more)
* NEWS: Likewise.
2004-07-15 Gernot Hillier <>
* support new parameter in ALERT_REQ of newer capi4linux
versions, thx to Steffen Barszus for reporting and the fix
* src/backend/capi.cpp (Capi::alert_req): Likewise.
* acinclude.m4 (CS_TEST_CAPI4LINUX): Likewise.
2004-06-12 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/ (voiceIncoming): create file in received queue
only if necessary (i.e. as late as possible)
* src/capisuite-py/ (_releaseLock): ignore insignificant
error resulting from race condition
* src/capisuite-py/ (createReceivedJob): fix argument passing
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (sendMIMEMail): stringify exception instance
2004-06-10 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/backend/connection.cpp (info_ind_called_party_nr): prevent
CapiSuite from crashing when a too high DDIBaseLength was configured,
thx to Michael Ressel for reporting and analyzing
2004-05-18 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/ remove PDF generation as it doesn't work currently;
adapt Makefiles to only create man pages for "make dist"; break long
lines; ignore return values of rm commands
* docs/manual.docbook: renamed to; this was necessary
to avoid using phony targets in man page creation
* docs/ see above.
2004-05-10 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/capisuite-py/ (Call.log,Call.__init__,Call.reject,
Call.disconnect): fix minor bugs in function calls, import some
additional symbols from _capisuite to our namespace, rename call_from
and call_to attributes of class Call to from_nr and to_nr, don't set
_handle to None after disconnect/reject
* scripts/ (callIncoming,faxIncoming,voiceIncoming): rename
call_from and call_to attributes of class Call to from_nr and to_nr;
use them everywhere instead of old global variables
* src/application/capisuitemodule.cpp (convertConnRef,convertCapiRef):
improve misleading error message
2004-04-18 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/ allow * and # in destination numbers
2004-04-09 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/capisuite-py/ (Capi.call_voice,Capi.call_faxG3): fix
some namespace problems and typos
2004-04-04 Gernot Hillier <>
* add support to install new capisuite Python module
* src/ Likewise
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise (new file)
* src/capisuite-py/ (class Call): new method Call.log
* scripts/ (callIncoming,faxIncoming,voiceIncoming): use
Call.log instead of core.log where appropriate
2004-03-24 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/ change pathes to Docbook stylesheets to reflect
changes in SUSE 9.1
* docs/ create "make install" routines for manpages
* capisuite.spec: set mandir in configure call
* acinclude.m4: fix underquoted AC_DEFUN calls according to automake
1.8 policy
2004-03-23 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/manual-de.docbook (capicodes_protocol): fix small typo
2004-03-21 Hartmut Goebel <>
* scripts/fax.confin: Removed spaces from section names "Mail ...".
* scripts/answering_machine.confin: Likewise.
* scripts/ Likewise.
* scripts/ Likewise.
* Likewise within a comment.
* scripts/ Removed some outdated comments.
2004-03-20 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/application/pythonscript.h (prefix): add support for short
logging prefixes; use them for Python tracebacks (fixes bug
#63, reported anonymously)
* src/application/pythonscript.cpp (prefix,run): Likewise.
* scripts/ Fix typo.
2004-03-19 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/ Remove old CVS history
* scripts/ Likewise.
* scripts/ changed some comments, moved connection
accept code to voiceIncoming
2004-03-14 Hartmut Goebel <>
* scripts/ Use capisuite.core instead of _capisuite.
* src/capisuite-py/ Removed faxInfo2dict.
* src/capisuite-py/ Added OO layer for _capisuite
functions and classes Capi and Call.
* src/capisuite-py/ New class FaxInfo.
2004-03-09 Hartmut Goebel <>
* SConstruct: new file for building with SCons build-system.
* SConscript: Likewise.
* SConscript-Config: Likewise.
* SConscript-Options: Likewise.
* docs/SConscript: Likewise.
* scripts/SConscript: Likewise.
* scripts/waves/SConscript: Likewise.
* src/SConscript: Likewise.
* src/application/SConscript: Likewise.
* src/backend/SConscript: Likewise.
* src/modules/SConscript: Likewise.
* src/application/capisuitemodule.cpp (capisuitemodule_init): Renamed
built-in module to '_capisuite'
* src/application/idlescript.cpp (run): Reduced delay until is called the first time after startup.
* src/capisuite-py: Added python library modules.
* src/capisuite-py/SConscript: Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/pychecker.rc: Likewise.
* src/capisuite-py/ Likewise.
* scripts/fax.confin: Added sections 'Mail Fax|Voice ...'.
* scripts/answering_machine.confin: Likewise.
* Added 'todo' note.
* scripts/capisuite-checkconfig: new file (thx to for the idea and a first version).
* scripts/cs_helper.pyin: Changed to use new python library.
* scripts/ Reworked to use new python library.
* scripts/ Likewise.
* scripts/ Likewise.
* scripts/ Likewise.
* ChangeLog, TODO, AUTHORS: updated.
2004-03-07 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/manual.docbook: update links to new web site structure
* docs/manual-de.docbook: Likewise.
* docs/ tell DocBook HTML stylesheets to generate UTF-8
and a valid DOCTYPE
2004-02-25 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/.cvsignore: add manpages/*
* docs/ add support for manpage creation, move validation
etc. to separate target
* docs/manual.README: update, add information about manpages
* docs/manual.docbook: restructure to also create five man pages:
(capisuite.8, capisuite.conf.5, fax.conf.5, answering_machine.conf.5,
* docs/manual-de.docbook: Likewise.
2004-02-20 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/application/capisuite.cpp: changed include order to get rid of
the "_POSIX_C_SOURCE redefined" warning (thx to Hartmut Goebel)
* src/application/capisuitemodule.cpp: Likewise.
* src/application/idlescript.cpp: Likewise.
* src/application/incomingscript.cpp: Likewise.
* src/application/pythonscript.h: Likewise.
* scripts/answering_machine.confin: remove spaces in example which
confused the config file parser when not deleted by the user
* scripts/fax.confin: Likewise.
2004-02-20 Hartmut Goebel <>
* docs/ modified variable replacement for possible
change of build system
* docs/ Likewise.
2004-02-20 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin: fixed typo
2004-02-17 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/manual-de.docbook: fixed some syntax errors
2004-02-17 Hartmut Goebel <>
* docs/manual.docbook: fixed some syntax errors
* src/application/pythonscript.h: fixed #include statement
* src/backend/connection.cpp: Likewise.
2004-02-11 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/ (faxIncoming,CVS log): fixed two typos /
removed not allowed german umlauts
* src/modules/audioreceive.h (AudioReceive): correct exception
declaration order (thx to Matthias Haberkorn for the patch)
* src/modules/callmodule.h (mainLoop): Likewise.
2004-02-08 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/application/capisuitemodule.cpp (capisuite_audio_send,
capisuite_fax_send): catch some missing Exceptions
* src/backend/connection.{cpp,h} (connectWaiting,rejectWaiting): throw
CapiExternalError instead of CapiError when user passed a wrong call
* src/backend/connection.{cpp,h} (connectWaiting,connect_b3_active_ind,
disconnect_conf,send_block,start_file_transmission): add CapiError to
allowed throwable objects in declaration
* src/modules/audiosend.{cpp,h} (mainLoop): Likewise.
* src/modules/callmodule.{cpp,h} (mainLoop): Likewise.
* src/modules/faxsend.{cpp,h} (mainLoop): Likewise.
* src/backend/connection.cpp (data_b3_conf): fix behaviour when
DATA_B3_CONF comes immediately after DATA_B3_REQ
* scripts/ also accept PDF files
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (sayNumber): allow gender specification
* scripts/ (remoteInquiry): use "eine" instead of "eins"
in some places ("eine Nachricht")
* scripts/waves/ new file
* scripts/waves/ Likewise.
2004-01-18 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (sendMIMEMail): remove space in sox call
2004-01-17 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (escape,getAudio,uniqueName,sendMIMEMail,
sendSimpleMail,sayNumber), scripts/ (idle,sendfax,movejob),
scripts/ (callIncoming,faxIncoming,voiceIncoming,
remoteInquiry,newAnnouncement): use % instead of + operator for
string concatenation (faster; thx to Hartmut Goebel for the hint);
use os.path.join where appropriate
2004-01-11 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/manual[-de].docbook: many small improvements, typos, etc.
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (require_hard): mention Linux 2.6 & mISDN,
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (install_install): don't let users ask CAPI
driver related questions on the CapiSuite lists
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (install_bin): remove some of the special
acknowledgemnts for Debian packages, also mention RedHat packages
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (configcs): document new DDI_* options
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (script_config): emphasize that users must
exist in local system
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (playing_alaw, creating_alaw): use 16 bit wave
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (cff): update documentation of this format
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (incoming_tut_improving): document new
exception raising behaviour
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (incoming_tut_fax_recognition): mention
return values which aren't used in the examples
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (idle_examples): add 0x349f as normal cause
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (default_incoming_1, default_incoming_2,
default_incoming_3, default_incoming_4): update script documentation
to reality ;-)
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (default_helpers): document escape()
* docs/manual[-de].docbook (acknowledgements): add link to NEWS and
ChangeLog as we won't include all contributors to the manual
2004-01-10 Gernot Hillier <>
* .cvsignore: added stamp-files
* docs/manual-de.docbook (creating_alaw): small stylistic improvement
* src/, src/application/capisuite.cpp (CapiSuite,
readConfiguration): added new options DDI_base, DDI_length and
* src/application/capisuite.cpp (checkOption): nicer output format
* src/backend/capi.{cpp,h} (Capi,readMessage): new parameters for DDI,
enable Called Party Info Element if DDI is used; accept Called
Party Info Element; pass on DDI options to Connection object
* src/backend/connection.{cpp,h} (Connection,info_ind_called_party_nr):
new parameters for DDI; interpret Called Party Info Element, get
CalledPartyNumber from there instead of CONNECT_IND when DDI is used;
docu improvements
* src/modules/connectmodule.h: disabled the automatic adding of CVS log