fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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2003-12-31 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/modules/connectmodule.{h,cpp} (ConnectModule): throw
CapiExternalError only when connection's already up, otherwise
use CapiWrongState
* scripts/ (voiceIncoming): include recorded msg length
and host name were file is stored in sent mail (closes bug #6,
thx to Achim Bohnet and Thomas Niesel for the feature requests)
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (sendMIMEMail): use 16 bit ouput when
converting sound files from la to wav. Thx to Holger Krull for
the fix (closes bug #51)!
2003-12-28 Gernot Hillier <>
* nearly all files (history block): disabled the automatic
adding of CVS log messages to source files as we now have
this nice ChangeLog file
* src/modules/audioreceive.{h,cpp} (AudioReceive,mainLoop),
src/modules/audiosend.{h,cpp} (AudioSend,mainLoop),
src/modules/callmodule.{h,cpp} (CallModule,mainLoop),
src/modules/calloutgoing.{h,cpp} (mainLoop),
src/modules/connectmodule.{h,cpp} (ConnectModule,mainLoop),
src/modules/disconnectmodule.{h,cpp} (only comment fixes),
src/modules/faxreceive.{h,cpp} (FaxReceive,mainLoop),
src/modules/faxsend.{h,cpp} (FaxSend,mainLoop),
src/modules/readDTMF.{h,cpp} (ReadDTMF,mainLoop),
src/modules/switch2faxG3.{h,cpp} (Switch2FaxG3,mainLoop):
rework of exception handling stuff; many modules were not
declaring thrown exceptions correctly any more after the
re-structuring to not throw exceptions on any disconnect
2003-12-21 Gernot Hillier <>
* src/backend/connection.cpp (buildBconfiguration): accept
color faxes now by setting bit 10 in B3configuration
2003-12-02 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/ (idle): fix a wrong call of ConfigParser::get
instead of cs_helpers::get, this means fax_numbers must not be
defined if a user
2003-12-01 Gernot Hillier <>
* scripts/ (faxIncoming): confused "hiRes and "loRes".
Thx to Ingo Göppert <> for the report.
2003-10-19 Gernot Hillier <>
* docs/manual.docbook (creating_alaw): add note how to convert vbox
to inversed A-Law files (thx to Thomas Niesel)
* docs/manual-de.docbook (creating_alaw): see above
* docs/manual.docbook (require_soft): updated link to jpeg2ps (thx to
Achim Bohnet)
* docs/manual-de.docbook (require_soft): see above
* scripts/cs_helpers.pyin (sendMIMEMail): better wording for some error
2003-10-05 Gernot Hillier <>
* started ChangeLog
* docs/manual.docbook (require_soft): add note that glibc-locales are
necessary if AVM drivers are used for faxing. They're needed for
iconv() in Connection::convertToCP437. Thx to M. Koelbl for reporting
the problem.
* docs/manual-de.docbook (require_soft): add same note
* suse/capisuite-8.{0,1,2}.spec: add dependancy to glibc-locale