86 Commits (master)

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Lars Immisch b62ee3004e Fixes for contemporary setuptools, autoconf update 6 years ago
Tilo Prütz 9f38971d33 Revert "Gentoo's “fax compatibility” patch" 9 years ago
Tilo Prütz 428f6cf592 the remains of Gentoo's Python 2.5 patch 9 years ago
Tilo Prütz 3413f4c72a Gentoo's “fax compatibility” patch 9 years ago
Tilo Prütz 095a1c2dce Gentoo's GCC-4.3 patch 9 years ago
Tilo Prütz 1f56cdb4d1 Typo-Fix that was corrected in Gentoo's API-Patch 9 years ago
Lars Immisch d36c789423 Patches from Gerd v. Egidy (slightly reworked) 10 years ago
Lars Immisch 1410b36fe5 New autoconf/automake version 10 years ago
Lars Immisch ff5125118a Added clean target 10 years ago
Christian Lohmaier 375d5cda09 don't return empty user-values, but return default instead 10 years ago
Lars Immisch eb002f080f Fix remote inquiry. 11 years ago
Lars Immisch c6c51e4daa New automake/autoconf versions. 11 years ago
Lars Immisch f75255640c Python layout changes. 11 years ago
Lars Immisch fd0e9ae989 memcpy needs string.h 11 years ago
Lars Immisch 982c49385d Detect CAPI_LIBRARY_V2 and extend the argument lists for the latest CAPI. 11 years ago
gernot a404a1119e - improve comments, remove old history 18 years ago
htgoebel 69398972d7 Fixed passing fax-info about received faxes to MailFaxRecievd message. 18 years ago
gernot 1a4c1eedeb add come comments from Hartmut so they don't get lost 18 years ago
htgoebel 284682a4da Added mapping ISDN/CAPI-error-codes to user friedly text-messages. 18 years ago
htgoebel 9f0c5f72e6 * Added core.Capi.__repr__() 18 years ago
htgoebel 27a6451bc7 Fixed aborting non-existing fax jobs (this was caused by a duplicate 18 years ago
htgoebel dc6217c64a core.Call.__repr__() includes handle, service and numbers now. 18 years ago
htgoebel 1c5da4b790 * Test whether core.log is available prior to using is (it is 18 years ago
htgoebel 18485a9269 Return codes of fax.sendfax() hade wrong order in case of capi.call_faxG3() failed. Fixed. 18 years ago
htgoebel b1e851f619 Debugged sending faxes. 18 years ago
htgoebel 32fa45cda1 __known_sections__ has had the old names (containing spaces) for the 18 years ago
gernot 65438ac13a add missing parameter, change some names according to Hartmut's suggestions 18 years ago
gernot d1608780ab First rough ideas of new classes for mail delivery and item storage. 18 years ago
gernot 2a6f2ace71 fix installation paths for capisuite-py files, fixes bug #108 18 years ago
htgoebel 57a9865dde added GPL license information to src/capisuite-py/*.py files 18 years ago
htgoebel 71edbe1da9 * Enhanced for SCons build system: 18 years ago
gernot d2fbc2506f fix another "automake doesn't work in SVN version" problem... 18 years ago
gernot e0c8664770 fix some comments 18 years ago
gernot b90495a088 -regenerate with the sfftobmp changes, add two other missing files 18 years ago
gernot a22481c4fc - merge branches/py-lib, revisions 265-325 to trunk 19 years ago
gernot b75a6e0f54 delete old obsolete CVS info 19 years ago
gernot a208cb46ce add autogenerated files as these are difficult to generate for many 19 years ago
gernot c345ad9d9d support new parameter in ALERT_REQ of newer capi4linux 19 years ago
gernot 9f5d6ed52a prevent CapiSuite from crashing when a too high DDIBaseLength was 19 years ago
gernot 4f33b2dc2c shorter is better :) 19 years ago
gernot c621d21748 2004-03-20 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot afbe12ee88 2004-03-09 Hartmut Goebel <h.goebel@crazy-compilers.com> 19 years ago
gernot dc43bcade6 2004-02-20 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 7afe826bdc 2004-02-17 Hartmut Goebel <h.goebel@goebel-consult.de> 19 years ago
gernot ad6c633600 2004-02-11 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot a67f0e5b9f 2004-02-08 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 40b4aa8042 2004-02-08 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 08c5fa93fc 2004-01-10 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 8861fe7d46 * src/modules/connectmodule.{h,cpp} (ConnectModule): throw 19 years ago
gernot 803d71524c - reworked TODO, disabled automatic log message adding to source files 19 years ago