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htgoebel 71edbe1da9 * Enhanced for SCons build system:
- Added traget 'dist' and 'distcheck' for creating and testing a
    distribution archive (.tar.gz).
  - Added env.InstallMan() for easy installation of man pages.
  - Added more fine-grained 'install-*' targets sub-aliases of
    'install' this allowed some cleaning up in SConscripts.
  - Added target 'rpms' for build source and binary RPMs (currently
    the .spec file is hardcoded).
  - Updated tests to status of current ./configure script
* Enhanced for SCons build scripts for supporting SCons 0.96's
  'toolpath' feature.
* Use prebuild man pages from SVN repository. Building from docbook is
  still to do.
* New SConscript for building .spec files.
* Added .spec for Mandrake 9.2

git-svn-id: 4ebea2bb-67d4-0310-8558-a5799e421b66
2005-01-02 22:05:17 +00:00
gernot a22481c4fc - merge branches/py-lib, revisions 265-325 to trunk
git-svn-id: 4ebea2bb-67d4-0310-8558-a5799e421b66
2004-10-31 14:07:07 +00:00