fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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Important for 0.5.0/capisuite-py:
* Check and fix all 'todo:'s in the python library and scripts.
* Update documentation to include
- capisuite-checkconfig
- the python library modules.
- 'Mail Fax|Voice ...' sections in config files
* Add update instructions for 0.5.0/capisuite-py
- 'Mail Fax|Voice ...' sections in config files
- new modulename '_capisuite' (but use capisuite.core instead)
* Add option '--is-configured' to capisuite-checkconfig to be used
by rc-file.
* Determine the path of the stylsheets automatically. These are
currently hardcoded for Suse Linux.
- more checks/options for capisuite-checkconfig
- ?valgrind-clean the used libs and Python?
- support more than one send_controller
- don't use 34xx codes, define constants instead and print meaningful messages
- setuid away from root (problem: chown of recorded file to user)
- test-implement the whole application part in Python
- rewrite capisuitefax and to use named socket communication