fork of capisuite ( with some fixes to make it build on modern Linux
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# -*- python -*-
Options for building CapiSuite
(c) Copyright 2004 by Hartmut Goebel <>
# default prefix
prefix = '/usr/local'
oldincludedir = '/usr/include'
opts = Options('options.cache', ARGUMENTS)
# Installation directories:
('prefix', 'install architecture-independent files in prefix', prefix),
('execprefix','install architecture-dependent files in execprefix','$prefix'),
# Fine tuning of the installation directories:
('bindir', 'user executables', '$execprefix/bin'),
('sbindir', 'system admin executables', '$execprefix/sbin'),
('libexecdir', 'program executables', '$execprefix/libexec'),
('datadir', 'read-only architecture-independent data','$prefix/share'),
('sysconfdir', 'read-only single-machine data', '$prefix/etc',),
('sharedstatedir','modifiable architecture-independent data','$prefix/com',),
('localstatedir', 'modifiable single-machine data', '$prefix/var'),
('libdir', 'object code libraries', '$execprefix/lib'),
('includedir', 'C header files', '$prefix/include'),
('oldincludedir', 'C header files for non-gcc', oldincludedir),
('infodir', 'info documentation', '$prefix/info'),
('mandir', 'man documentation', '$prefix/man'),
# install into another filesystem base
('INSTALL_BASE', 'base dir for installation (usefull for RPMs)', '/'),
#('KEEP_CONFIG', 'Do not install config files (usefull for development)',
# 0),
# this is a capisuite-special (CS_SET_DOCDIR)
('docdir', 'other documentation', '$datadir/doc/capisuite'),
Import(['env', '__targets__'])
Help(opts.GenerateHelpText(env) + __targets__)
if env.has_key('INSTALL_BASE'):
if str(env['INSTALL_BASE']) in ('/', ''):
del env['INSTALL_BASE']
opts.Save('options.cache', env)