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CapiSuite is an ISDN telecommunication suite providing easy to use
telecommunication functions which can be controlled from Python
scripts. Currently, mainly voice functions and fax sending/receiving
are supported.
It uses a CAPI-compatible driver for accessing the ISDN-hardware, so
you'll need an Eicon or AVM card or any mISDN supported adapter with the
according driver.
CapiSuite is distributed with scripts providing a multi-user answering
machine with automatic fax recognition, remote inquiry and fax
send/receive functions.
For further information, please have a look at the manual section
available online or in the download packages. Please test it and post
your feedback to the bug tracker and/or the mailing lists. Thank you!
For the documentation see the created HTML documents situated in
docs/manual/index.html or in the installed version see
$PREFIX/share/doc/capisuite/manual/index.html. There's also a german
translation of the manual available at
Building capisuite from git
git clone
cd capisuite
./configure ...options...
sudo make install
Please see Makefile.git for other targets which may be useful for
Side notes
This git repository was created from the svn dumps that Gernot Hillier
kindly provided on and contains his and his
collaborators work.
All credit should go to the original team. I (larsimmisch) have only made
minor bugfixes, in particular small changes that make capisuite compatible
with mISDN (the socket branches from