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UNIX ISDNLogin Client for BinTec Remote CAPI

On BinTec ISDN routers there is a isdnlogin command to either log into remote
routers over an ISDN line or to just test ISDN connectivity with several
bearers or services. If you don't have a BinTec ISDN router this tool has no
for you. :)

This tool aims to do the same using the freely available BinTec UNIX Remote
CAPI library on a UNIX box.

Make sure to adjust the Makefile to point to the directory where you compiled
the CAPI library because we link it statically into the binary. It should be
at least version 1.7.

Also don't forget to set the apropriate environment vars required by the CAPI

When typing ~. while connected you can quit the current connection if the
remote side is no longer responding.

Andre Pascha