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# Makefile - BinTec Remote CAPI Library
SHELL = /bin/sh
# be sure to get a BINTEC_PUBLIC_RELEASE_1_7 tagged capi, because the HEAD
# release is still buggy.
CAPIDIR = ../bintec_capi
CC = gcc
LD = ld
DEFS = -I. -I/usr/local/include -I$(CAPIDIR)
COPTS = -O -Wall
LIBS = $(CAPIDIR)/libcapi.a
LORDER = sh ./lorder
TSORT = tsort
LN = ln
AR = ar rv
INSTALL = install
RANLIB = ranlib
OSTYPE = `uname -srm | tr " " _`
.SUFFIXES: .out .o .po .So .s .S .c .cc .cpp .cxx .m .C .f .y .l
.c.o: isdnlogin.h Makefile
${CC} ${CFLAGS} -c $< -o $@
prefix = /usr/local
bindir = $(prefix)/bin
libdir = $(prefix)/lib
incdir = $(prefix)/include
CAPIAPP = isdnlogin
ISDNLOGIN = isdnlogin.o il_capi.o il_tty.o il_call.o il_poll.o \
il_event.o il_proc.o xmodem.o
all: $(CAPIAPP)
# dynamically linked version
isdnlogin: Makefile $(ISDNLOGIN)
$(CC) -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $(ISDNLOGIN) $(LIBS)
# the static version of isdnlogin app
isdnlogin.static: Makefile $(ISDNLOGIN)
$(CC) -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $(ISDNLOGIN) $(CAPIDIR)/libcapi.a
install: all installdirs
@for prog in $(CAPIAPP); \
do \
echo $(INSTALL) $$prog $(bindir); \
$(INSTALL) $$prog $(bindir) || exit 1; \
@$(SHELL) mkinstalldirs $(prefix) $(bindir)
dist: Makefile isdnlogin
@echo "Generating distribution for OS $(OSTYPE)"
@rm -f isdnlogin.$(OSTYPE)
@rm -f isdnlogin.$(OSTYPE).gz
@cp isdnlogin isdnlogin.$(OSTYPE)
@strip isdnlogin.$(OSTYPE)
@gzip -9 isdnlogin.$(OSTYPE)
@echo "Your archive is named 'isdnlogin.$(OSTYPE).gz'."
rm -f $(CAPIAPP)
rm -f core *.o
distclean: clean
rm -f $(CAPIAPP)