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Matrix Vision mvSMR
1. Board Description
The mvSMR is a 75x130mm single image processing board used
in automation. Power Supply is 24VDC.
2 System Components
2.1 CPU
Freescale MPC5200B CPU running at 400MHz core and 133MHz XLB/IPB.
64MB DDR-I @ 133MHz.
8 MByte Nor Flash on local bus.
2 serial ports. Console running on ttyS0 @ 115200 8N1.
2.2 PCI
PCI clock fixed at 33MHz due to old'n'slow Xilinx PCI core.
2.3 FPGA
Xilinx Spartan-3 XC3S200 with PCI DMA engine.
Connects to Matrix Vision specific CCD/CMOS sensor interface.
2.4 I2C
EEPROM @ 0xA0 for vendor specifics.
image sensor interface (slave adresses depend on sensor)
3 Flash layout.
reset vector is 0x00000100, i.e. "LOWBOOT".
FF800000 u-boot
FF806000 u-boot script image
FF808000 u-boot environment
FF840000 FPGA raw bit file
FF880000 root FS
FFF00000 kernel
4 Booting
On startup the bootscript @ FF806000 is executed. This script can be
exchanged easily. Default boot mode is "boot from flash", i.e. system
works stand-alone.
This behaviour depends on some environment variables :
"netboot" : yes ->try dhcp/bootp and boot from network.
A "dhcp_client_id" and "dhcp_vendor-class-identifier" can be used for
DHCP server configuration, e.g. to provide different images to
different devices.
During netboot the system tries to get 3 image files:
1. Kernel - name + data is given during BOOTP.
2. Initrd - name is stored in "initrd_name"
Fallback files are the flash versions.