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Bring the directory listing more into line with current content.

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@ -138,6 +138,7 @@ U-Boot will always have a patchlevel of "0".
Directory Hierarchy:
- api Machine/arch independent API for external apps
- board Board dependent files
- common Misc architecture independent functions
- cpu CPU specific files
@ -178,8 +179,8 @@ Directory Hierarchy:
- disk Code for disk drive partition handling
- doc Documentation (don't expect too much)
- drivers Commonly used device drivers
- dtt Digital Thermometer and Thermostat drivers
- examples Example code for standalone applications, etc.
- fs Filesystem code (cramfs, ext2, jffs2, etc.)
- include Header Files
- lib_arm Files generic to ARM architecture
- lib_avr32 Files generic to AVR32 architecture
@ -187,9 +188,12 @@ Directory Hierarchy:
- lib_generic Files generic to all architectures
- lib_i386 Files generic to i386 architecture
- lib_m68k Files generic to m68k architecture
- lib_microblaze Files generic to microblaze architecture
- lib_mips Files generic to MIPS architecture
- lib_nios Files generic to NIOS architecture
- lib_nios2 Files generic to NIOS2 architecture
- lib_ppc Files generic to PowerPC architecture
- lib_sh Files generic to SH architecture
- lib_sparc Files generic to SPARC architecture
- libfdt Library files to support flattened device trees
- net Networking code