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SPEAr (Structured Processor Enhanced Architecture).
SPEAr600 is also known as SPEArPlus and SPEAr300 is also known as SPEArBasic
The SPEAr SoC family embeds a customizable logic that can be programmed
one-time by a customer at silicon mask level (i.e. not at runtime!).
We are now adding the support in u-boot for two SoC: SPEAr600 and SPEAr3xx.
All 4 SoCs share common peripherals.
1. ARM926ejs core based (sp600 has two cores, the 2nd handled only in Linux)
2. FastEthernet (sp600 has Gbit version, but same controller - GMAC)
3. USB Host
4. USB Device
5. NAND controller (FSMC)
6. Serial NOR ctrl
7. I2C
8. SPI
10. others ..
Everything is supported in Linux.
u-boot is not currently supporting all peripeharls (just a few as listed below).
1. USB Device
2. NAND controller (FSMC)
3. Serial Memory Interface
4. EMI (Parallel NOR interface)
4. I2C
Build options
make spear600_config
make spear300_config
make spear310_config
make spear320_config
Further options
make ENV=NAND (supported by all 4 SoCs)
- This option generates a uboot image that saves environment inn NAND
make CONSOLE=USB (supported by all 4 SoCs)
- This option generates a uboot image for using usbdevice as a tty i/f
make FLASH=PNOR (supported by SPEAr310 and SPEAr320)
- This option generates a uboot image that supports emi controller for
CFI compliant parallel NOR flash