mpc8313erdb: Document NAND boot.

Previously, the documentation claimed that NAND boot is not supported.
This is no longer true.

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@ -15,6 +15,18 @@ Freescale MPC8313ERDB Board
4321 4321
(where the '*' indicates the position of the tab of the switch.)
To boot the image at the beginning of NAND flash, use these
DIP switch settings for S3 S4:
+------+ +------+
| * | | *** |
| *** | | * |
+------+ ON +------+ ON
4321 4321
(where the '*' indicates the position of the tab of the switch.)
When booting from NAND, use u-boot-nand.bin, not u-boot.bin.
2. Memory Map
The memory map looks like this:
@ -29,6 +41,9 @@ Freescale MPC8313ERDB Board
LED Control (CS3)
0xfe00_0000 0xfe7f_ffff NOR FLASH (CS0) 8M
When booting from NAND, NAND flash is CS0 and NOR flash
is CS1.
3. Definitions
3.1 Explanation of NEW definitions in:
@ -45,15 +60,20 @@ Freescale MPC8313ERDB Board
export CROSS_COMPILE=your-cross-compiler-prefix-
make distclean
make MPC8313ERDB_33_config
(or make MPC8313ERDB_66_config, depending on the speed of
the oscillator on your board)
make MPC8313ERDB_XXX_config
(where XXX is:
33 - 33 MHz oscillator, boot from NOR flash
66 - 66 MHz oscillator, boot from NOR flash
NAND_33 - 33 MHz oscillator, boot from NAND flash
NAND_66 - 66 MHz oscillator, boot from NAND flash)
5. Downloading and Flashing Images
5.1 Reflash U-boot Image using U-boot
NOR flash:
=>run tftpflash
You may want to try
@ -63,6 +83,15 @@ Freescale MPC8313ERDB Board
have an alternate means of programming the flash available
if the new u-boot doesn't boot.
NAND flash:
=>tftpboot $loadaddr <filename>
=>nand erase 0 0x80000
=>nand write $loadaddr 0 0x80000
...where 0x80000 is the filesize rounded up to
the next 0x20000 increment.
5.2 Downloading and Booting Linux Kernel
Ensure that all networking-related environment variables are set
@ -79,5 +108,4 @@ Freescale MPC8313ERDB Board
6 Notes
Booting from NAND flash is not yet supported.
The console baudrate for MPC8313ERDB is 115200bps.