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Handling of EC20 FOTA updates

for general information. This is a script to dissect and maybe
re-assemble the system.diff file. Let's see how far we get.

After the header is a table of data.. before the first LZMA
compressed update. The size of that area seems to be computed
8 * num_diffs (maybe two CRC32?)
4 * num_insert (maybe a single CRC32)?
followed by lzma... TOC of size compress_sz
LZMA again.. depends on the TOC.. delta_pos contains addr

LZMA needs to be compressed in 'alone' format and needs to have
the decompressed size in the header! 0xFF... leads to parse error
xz -F alone

removed uncompressed_size support. So an plder version is needed..
or use the original lzma SDK

0x0000d084 in is_expected_sig ()
r10 0x29079d54 688364884
r11 0x2e4c8 189640
r12 0xd4184197 -736607849

r10 / r12 in is_expected_sig compares crc32.. r10 is result,
r12 is expecation..

LDR R0, [SP,#0xA0+var_48]
LDR R1, [SP,#0xA0+var_54]
LDR R2, [SP,#0xA0+var_60]
ADD R3, SP, #0xA0+var_2C
BL _RB_LzmaDecode

int LzmaDecode(CLzmaDecoderState *vs,
#ifdef _LZMA_IN_CB
ILzmaInCallback *InCallback,
const unsigned char *inStream, SizeT inSize, SizeT *inSizeProcessed,
unsigned char *outStream, SizeT outSize, SizeT *outSizeProcessed)

So mpst likely InCallback, outStream, outSize, outSizeProcessed...

int LzmaDecoderInit(
unsigned char *buffer, UInt32 bufferSize,
int lc, int lp, int pb,
unsigned char *dictionary, UInt32 dictionarySize,
#ifdef _LZMA_IN_CB
ILzmaInCallback *inCallback
unsigned char *inStream, UInt32 inSize

Breakpoint 16, 0x0001b938 in _RB_LzmaDecoderInit ()
(gdb) info registers
r0 0x40989240 1083740736 buffer
r1 0x3ec0 16064 bufferSize
r2 0x3 3 lc
r3 0x0 0 lp
r4 0x2 2 pb
r5 0x407ffaac 1082129068 dictionary
r6 0x0 0 dictsize
r7 0x2f6c0 194240 CB
r8 0x1 1
r9 0x40987e54 1083735636
r10 0x0 0
r11 0x3 3
r12 0x13ec 5100
sp 0x407ffa20 0x407ffa20
lr 0x17bb4 97204
pc 0x1b938 0x1b938 <_RB_LzmaDecoderInit>
cpsr 0x60000010 1610612752