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Vadim Yanitskiy 93fcb40174 [HACK] l1gprs: always send (empty) DATA.ind
This is a quick hack to ensure constant stream of RTS.ind emitted
by the modem application (which is using DATA.ind for that).

Change-Id: I529f46d8d4b2e9c0a607d91e318d9d7c009b7603
Related: OS#5500
2023-08-31 20:15:17 +07:00
contrib contrib/jenkins.sh: uncomment verify_value_string_arrays_are_terminated.py 2023-05-17 10:55:55 +00:00
doc doc/examples/modem: Update modem.cfg with new features 2023-04-26 14:14:29 +02:00
include [HACK] l1gprs: always send (empty) DATA.ind 2023-08-31 20:15:17 +07:00
src [HACK] l1gprs: always send (empty) DATA.ind 2023-08-31 20:15:17 +07:00
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