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The initial version of this utility was created by Dieter Spaar
and ran on Windows. It used the DIAG protocol to read and write
It was ported to Linux by Holger Freyther and extended to enable
and parse GSM RF measurement results. The measurement results
were used during EMC tests of GSM equipment.
Harald Welte greatly extended and re-wrote the utility to decode
more fields, e.g. the GPRS messages.

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Hacks for using the diag protocol for EMC measurements..
Utility to configure Qualcomm DIAG, read, decode and display the
DIAG messages. It can enable logging and format/print the log
messages generated by the various subsystems of the baseband.
To build this software a copy of the Osmocom libosmocore
library is required. Your distribution might already contain
the necessary utility.
In general all Qualcomm devices that export DIAG should be
supported. We have tested it with the Quectel UC20, EC20 and
EC25 devices.