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5.19 2011-03-12 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* Initial version of the apps/ directory was released as contributed by
Uros Platise.
6.0 2011-03-21 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* README.txt -- README cosmetics
* hello/ -- hello world minor changes
* Makefile -- Makefile cosmetics (I am slowly adding the Darjeeling JVM)
* Make.defs -- New file adds common make definitions for applications.
* hello/Makefile -- Now uses new Make.defs definitions. Added README.txt.
* apps/poweroff -- New application to turn off board power.
* Moved NSH library, netutils, and examples from the nuttx/ directory to
the apps/ directory
* Moved exec_nuttapp machinery into the nuttapp/ directory.
6.1 2011-04-10 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* Creation of auto-generated header files now occurs during the context
build phase.
* Added sdcard insert and eject, nsh command '?' and some code remarks
* Renamed nuttapp to namedapp
* namedapp/binfs.c -- Create a tiny filesystem that can be used
to show the internal named apps under /bin.
* Numerous fixes to build system required to support building with native
Windows toolchain.
6.2 2011-05-06 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/nxffs: Add a test a a configuration that will be used to
verify NXFFS.
6.3 2011-05-15 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/interpreter: Add a directory to hold interpreters. The Pascal add-
on module now installs and builds under this directory.
* apps/interpreter/ficl: Added logic to build Ficl (the "Forth Inspired
Command Language"). See http://ficl.sourceforge.net/.
* apps/netutils/dhcpc, dhcpcd, and tftp. If these directories are included
in the configuration but CONFIG_NET_UDP is disable (which is not very wise),
then a make error occurs because tools/mkdep.sh is called with no files.
* system/free: Move Uros' custom free command from vsn/free
* system/install: Add a new install command submitted by Uros Platise.
* examples/rgmp. Add a placeholder for an RGMP build example.
RGMP is a project for running GPOS and RTOS simultaneously on
multi-processor platforms. See http://rgmp.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
for further information about RGMP. NOTE: This is an empty example
on initial check-in.
6.4 2011-06-06 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* nshlib/nsh_netcmds.c: If a network device name and IP address are provided
with the ifconfig command, then this command will now set the network address.
(Contributed by Yu Qiang).
* netutils/ftpc: A library to support client-side FTP.
* examples/ftpc: A simple add-on to the NSH. From NSH, you can start
this simple FTP shell to transfer files to/from a remote FTP server.
6.5 2011-06-21 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* netutils/ftpc: Simpflication and size reduction.
6.6 2011-07-11 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* Make.defs, namedapp/namedapp.c: Several structural changes made to get a
clean compile under the ez80 ZDS-II toolchain (no design changes).
* apps/examples/buttons: Add a test for the new standardized button interfaces
* apps/examples/nxtext: Add another NX graphics test. This one focus on
placing text on the background while pop-up windows occur. Text should
continue to update normally with or without the popup windows present.
6.7 2011-08-02 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/nx and nxtext: These examples can now be built as NSH
"built-in" commands.
* apps/examples/nxhello: The simplest graphics example: It just says
"Hello, World!" in the center of the display. This example can also be
built as an NSH "built-in" command.
* apps/examples/nx, ntext, and nxhello: All updated to use the new
NuttX font interfaces.
* apps/examples/nximage: Another super simple graphics example: It just puts
the NuttX logo in the center of the display. This example can also be
built as an NSH "built-in" command.
* apps/examples/usbstorage: Can now be built as two NSH "built-in" commands:
'msconn' will connect the USB mass storage device; 'msdis' will disconnect
the USB storage device.
* apps/examples/nx*: All NX header files moved from nuttx/include/nuttx to
* apps/examples/usbstorage: Added instrumentation to monitor memory usage
to check for memory leaks in the USB storage driver.
* apps/examples/nxhello/nxhello_bkgd.c: Fix handling of allocated glyph
6.8 2011-08-11 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/nxlines: Added a test for NX line drawing capabilities.
6.9 2011-09-11 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/nxlines: Extend the line drawing text to include drawing
of circles.
* apps/system/i2c: Add an I2C test tool that should help to bring up I2C
devices (when it is fully functional).
* apps/nshlib/nsh_timcmds.c: Add the date command that can be used to
show or set the time (only if CONFIG_RTC is set).
6.10 2011-10-06 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/system/i2c: Add repitition and address auto-incrementing so that
and command can be executed numerous times. Add a new verify command
that will write to a register, read from register, and verify that
returned value.
* apps/graphics/tiff: Add a library that can be used to create TIFF files.
* apps/examples/tiff: Add a unit test for the TIFF file creation logic
* apps/examples/lcdrw: Add a test to verify if you can or can or read
data from an LCD correctly.
* apps/examples/usbterm: A USB terminal example.. more of a USB chat or
serial bridge: Data received on local console echoed via USB serial;
data received on USB serial is echoed on the local console.
* apps/examples/touchscreen: Add a simple, generic test for any
touschscreen driver.
* Makefile: The apps/ Makefile now checks for an apps/external directory
or symbolic link. If such a directory/link exists (and has a Makefile),
it will be added to the apps/ build. This allows external directories
to be included into the apps/ build by simply creating a symbolic link.
6.11 2011-11-12 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
(No major changes from 6.10)
6.12 2011-12-06 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/buttons: The button test can now be executed as an NSH
built in command.
6.13 2012-12-26 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/dhcpd: May now be built as an NSH built-in application
* apps/netutils/dhcpd/dhcpd.c: Fix several problems using host order address
where network addresses expected (and vice versa).
* apps/examples/nettest: May now be built as an NSH built-in application
* apps/examples/nettest: Correct some build issues with the nettest is
built for performance evaluation.
* apps/examples/adc: Add a very simple test to drive and test an ADC
* apps/examples/pwm: Add an NSH PWM command to drive and test a PWM
* apps/examples/can: Add an NSH CAN command to drive and test a CAN
driver in loopback mode.
6.14 2012-01-15 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/buttons/main.c: The test needs to call up_buttoninit() to
properly configure the button interrupt GPIOs.
* apps/examples/pwm: Add support to test the pulse count option recently
added to the PWM interface.
6.15 2012-02-12 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/nshlib/nsh_serial.c and nsh_usbdev.c: If NuttX is configured to use
a USB serial console, then NSH needs to wait until the USB console is
connected and available.
* apps/examples/composite: Add a test of the USB composite device.
* apps/examples/Telnetd: Move the tiny uIP shell example from
netutils/Telnetd to examples/Telnetd. Enhanced the Telnetd daemon so that
it supports Telnetd via a TTY device driver: A new TTY device driver is
created when each new Telnet connection is created. The shell thread
is started with stdin, stdout, and stderr mapped to the TTY device.
* netutils/Telnetd: The old uIP Telnet demo is gone. In its place is a new
Telnet infrastructure. The new Telnet daemon creates sessions that are
"wrapped" as character devices and mapped to stdin, stdout, and stderr.
Now the Telnet session can be inherited by spawned tasks.
* examples/Telnetd: Add a test for the new Telnet daemon.
* examples/Telnetd/telnetd_driver.c: Move the internal socket structure from
the daemon's socket array into the driver's state data so that it will be
independent from the the Telnetd daemon.
* apps/system/readline: Moved the old nuttx/lib/stdio/lib_fgets.c here
and renamed it as readline(). The old fgets was simplied and the overloaded
readline functionality was removed.
* apps/netutils/ftpd: Add an FTPD server (does not even compile on initial
* apps/examples/ftpd: Add a test for the FTPD server (untest on initial
* apps/nshlib/nsh_fscmds.c: Add support for a 'dmesg' command that will
dump the system log if CONFIG_SYSLOG is selected.
6.16 2012-03-10 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/qencoder: Add a quadrature driver test.
* apps/examples/ostest/fpu.c: Add a test to verify that FPU registers
are properly saved and restored on context switches.
* apps/system/readline/readline.c: readline() will now treat either a
backspace or a DEL character as a backspace (i.e., deleting the character
to the left of the cursor). This makes NSH less dependent on particular
keyboard mappings of the Backspace key. Submitted by Mike Smith.
* apps/examples/cdcacm: An example that illustrates how the CDC/ACM driver
may to connected and disconnected through software control.
* apps/examples/nsh/nsh_main.c: If available, call up_cxxinitialize() to
initialize all statically defined C++ classes.
* apps/nshlib: Now supports a USB serial device for NSH console I/O. This
allows NSH to be used on boards that have USB but no serial connectors.
6.17 2012-04-14 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/examples/can: Add conditional compilation so that the test can be
configured to only send messages or to only receive messages. This will
let the test work in other modes than simple loopback testing.
* apps/examples/hello and apps/examples/ostest: Can now be built as NSH
built-int functions.
* vsn/hello: Removed. The modified apps/examples/hello is enough "Hello,
* apps/examples/nxconsole: Add a test of the NX console device.
* apps/examples/nxconsole: The NX console example now supports running
the NuttShell (NSH) within an NX window.
* apps/system/readline: Now uses standard definitions from
include/nuttx/ascii.h and vt100.h
* Kconfig, */Kconfig: Added skeleton Kconfig files to all directories that
may need them.
6.18 2012-05-19 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* Kconfig: Continued Kconfig file updates (no longer tracking on a per-file
basis in the ChangeLog)
* apps/examples/watchdog: Add a watchdog timer example.
* apps/examples/tiff: Fix wrong path used for temporary file.
* apps/examples/touchscreen: Standardize the board-specific, touchscreen
initialization interfaces.
6.19 2012-06-15 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/nshlib/nsh_usbdev.c: Add the capability to use an arbitrary USB
device as the console (not necessarily /dev/console). This is a useful
option because then you can still use the serial console to debug with.
* apps/nshlib/nsh_usbdev.c: User now has to press ENTER 3 times before
USB console will start. Otherwise, the USB console starts before there
is anyone at the other end to listen.
* apps/nshlib/nsh_usbdev.c and nsh_consolemain.c: Add support for the USB
capability when a USB console is used.
* apps/nshlib/nsh_fscmds.c: Add the 'mv' command
6.20 2012-07-12 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* namedapp/exec_namedapp.c - Correct an error when round robin scheduling
is enabled. The priority of the new, named application was erroneously
being set to the priority of the parent thread; losing its configured
priority. Reported by Mike Smith.
6.21 2012-08-25 Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/include/: Stylistic clean-up of all header files.
* apps/modbus and apps/include/modbus: A port of freemodbus-v1.5.0
has been added to the NuttX apps/ source tree.
* apps/examples/modbus: A port of the freemodbus-v1.5.0 "demo"
program that will be used to verify the FreeModBus port
* apps/modbus: Don't use strerror(). It is just too big.
* apps/modbus: Add CONFIG_MB_TERMIOS. If the driver doesn't support
termios ioctls, then don't bother trying to configure the baud, parity
* apps/nshlib: If waitpid() is supported, then NSH now catches the
return value from spawned applications (provided by Mike Smith)
* apps/nshlib: Lock the scheduler while starting built-in applications
in order to eliminate race conditions (also from Mike Smith).
* apps/examples/adc, pwm, and qencoder: Add support for testing
devices with multiple ADC, PWM, and QE devices.
* apps/nshlib/nsh_mntcmds.c: Separated mount-related commands out of
nsh_fscmds.c. Extended to the mount command so that if no arguments
are provided, then the current mountpoints are enumerated.
* apps/nshlib/nsh_mntcmds.c: Add an NSH df command to list the
properties of mounted file systems.
* apps/nshlib/nsh_parse.c: Extend help command options. 'help' with
no arguments outputs a short list of commands. With -v lists all
command line details. A command name can be added to just get
help on one command.
* system/readline.c: If character input/output is interrupted by a
signal, then readline() will try the read/write again.
* apps/*/Make.defs: Numerous fixes needed to use the automated
configuration (from Richard Cochran).
6.22 2012-xx-xx Gregory Nutt <gnutt@nuttx.org>
* apps/netutils/thttpd/thttpd_cgi.c: Missing NULL in argv[]
list (contributed by Kate).
in one location (found by Kate).
* apps/examples/ostest/prioinherit.c: Limit the number of test
threds to no more than 3 of each priority. Bad things happen
when the existing logic tried to created several hundred test
must be defined to use strerror() with NSH.
* apps/examples/*/*_main.c, system/i2c/i2c_main.c, and others: Added
configuration variable CONFIG_USER_ENTRYPOINT that may be used to change
the default entry from user_start to some other symbol. Contributed by
* apps/netutils/webserver/httpd/c: Fix a typo that as introduced in
version r4402: 'lese' instead of 'else' (Noted by Max Holtzberg).
* tools/mkfsdata.pl: The uIP web server CGI image making perl script was
moved from apps/netutils/webserver/makefsdata to nuttx/tools/mkfsdata.pl
(Part of a larger change submitted by Max Holtzberg).
* apps/netutils/webserver, apps/examples/uip, and apps/include/netutils/httpd.h:
The "canned" version of the uIP web servers content that was at
netutils/webserver/httpd_fsdata.c has been replaced with a dynamically
built configuration located at apps/examples/uip (Contributed by
Max Holtzberg).
* apps/netutils/webserver: Several inenhancements from Kate including the
ability to elide scripting and SERVER headers and the ability to map
files into memory before transferring them.
* apps/netutils/webserver: Add ability to map a URL to CGI function.
Contributed by Kate.