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Update TODO list and a README

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NuttX TODO List (Last updated March 14, 2015)
NuttX TODO List (Last updated April 5, 2015)
This file summarizes known NuttX bugs, limitations, inconsistencies with
@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ nuttx/
(4) USB (drivers/usbdev, drivers/usbhost)
(12) Libraries (libc/, libm/)
(11) File system/Generic drivers (fs/, drivers/)
(9) Graphics subystem (graphics/)
(8) Graphics subystem (graphics/)
(1) Pascal add-on (pcode/)
(1) Documentation (Documentation/)
(2) Build system / Toolchains
@ -1440,17 +1440,6 @@ o Graphics subsystem (graphics/)
Priority: Medium-ish. This would definitely improve graphics rendering
and line drawing.
Description: Lines are currently draw as rectangles with the width of the
rectangle being the line width. So when shapes, like circles,
are drawn with fat lines, they do not join cleanly from
segment to segment.
The fix would be to draw a circle at each endpoint that has a
radius equal to the width of the line.
Status: Open
Priority: Medium-ish. This would definitely improve line drawing.
Description: One of the most awkard things to handle in the NX windowing
system is the re-draw callback. This is difficult because it

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@ -1124,6 +1124,10 @@ Configuration sub-directories
6. The appx/examples/nxlines is enabled as a built-in application.
This is a test that displays some simple graphis and can be
executed from the NSH command line like:
nsh> nxlines
7. When the maXTouch Xplained is connected (in any position), a new I2C
address appears at address 0x4a: