A tool to obtain GSMTAP messages for SIM and GSM from Nokia DCT3 phones
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DCT3-GSMTAP is a command line utility to capture the GSM Um and SIM-ME
interfaces from a Nokia DCT3 phone (eg. 3310) and forward via GSMTAP to the
Wireshark protocol analyzer. It is released under GNU GPL version 2.

It is heavily based on Gammu <http://www.gammu.org> and Project Blacksphere:

This site is the result of a great deal of assembly code reading, research,
countless (mostly futile) searches for data sheets, cross-referencing and
analysing. If you use this information in any way please mention wumpus
<blacksphere@goliath.darktech.org> (and others in the credits section) in the
credits of your program/document. And tell me :) If you have more information
please contribute. If you just copy this, stick your name on it and call it
yours I hope you get your genitals bitten off by a three headed monkey. Have a
nice day.

A serial/USB FBUS cable is required.


dct3-gsmtap device host

The device should be something like /dev/ttyUSB0 (check dmesg once plugged in
for exact name) or /dev/ttyS0. The host is where to send the GSMTAP
packets to ( is a good option).