CMake: Add a comment about dissector headers

João Valverde 4 months ago
parent bb426c7a85
commit 6d401f2eba

@ -244,6 +244,16 @@ set(NCP2222_DISSECTOR_SRC
source_group(dissectors-ncp2222 FILES ${NCP2222_DISSECTOR_SRC})
# Note: In principle dissector headers are internal to libwireshark and not part
# of any public API. The only possible reason I can see to expose these symbols is to allow
# dissector plugins to share code with static dissectors (arguably there should be better mechanisms
# for that too, that are more dynamic at runtime and more friendly to language bindings but I digress).
# So at most only a small part of dissector header content belongs in any
# sort of public API but historically there has been no separation and everything is balled
# up as a DISSECTOR_PUBLIC_HEADER more or less automatically and indiscriminately (because of a lack
# of clear guidelines). In the future this unsatistactory situation should be fixed somehow.