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Oliver Smith 0d9d5e78e4 configure: don't turn some warnings into errors 1 year ago
Oliver Smith e3f31bedd3 set -std=gnu11 2 years ago
Harald Welte efd1ea3353 Make and debian/control agree on versions 2 years ago
Pau Espin 9784c815aa Depend on liboping 1.7.0 instead of 1.9.0 4 years ago
Maxim Suraev 9a852f2dd8 Add OpenVPN probe 4 years ago
Maxim Suraev 8066a41e78 Add ping probe support 4 years ago
Pau Espin 2768f95086 Move source code to src subdir 4 years ago
Maxim Suraev bf35719529 Update default config 4 years ago
Harald Welte b803888c01 rename to osmo-sysmon 5 years ago
Harald Welte 54ca6f458e migrate to autoconf 5 years ago