client: Log wqueue capacity when failing to enqueue

Related: SYS#5921
Change-Id: Ie5f39fe679906a15f74490cd8554b18b9d1e0664
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Pau Espin 2022-04-14 18:19:00 +02:00
parent 6bbda89308
commit 50dcc15a2e
1 changed files with 2 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -59,7 +59,8 @@ static void lost_connection(struct osmo_pcap_client_conn *conn)
static void write_data(struct osmo_pcap_client_conn *conn, struct msgb *msg)
if (osmo_wqueue_enqueue_quiet(&conn->wqueue, msg) != 0) {
LOGP(DCLIENT, LOGL_ERROR, "Failed to enqueue conn=%s\n", conn->name);
LOGP(DCLIENT, LOGL_ERROR, "Failed to enqueue conn=%s (capacity: %u/%u)\n",
conn->name, conn->wqueue.current_length, conn->wqueue.max_length);
rate_ctr_inc(rate_ctr_group_get_ctr(conn->client->ctrg, CLIENT_CTR_QERR));