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libasn1c --enable-werror
libosmo-abis --enable-werror
libosmocore --enable-werror
libosmo-gprs --enable-werror
libosmo-netif --enable-werror
libosmo-sccp --enable-werror
libosmo-pfcp --enable-werror
libsmpp34 --enable-werror
osmo-bsc --enable-werror
osmo-ggsn --enable-werror
osmo-hlr --enable-werror
osmo-iuh --enable-werror
osmo-mgw --enable-werror
osmo-msc --enable-werror
osmo-sgsn --enable-werror
osmo-bts --enable-werror
osmo-bsc-nat --enable-werror
osmo-upf --enable-werror
osmo-cbc --enable-werror
osmo-hnodeb --enable-werror
osmo-hnbgw --enable-werror