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#!/usr/bin/env python3
Generate a top-level makefile that builds the Osmocom 2G + 3G network components.
./gen_makefile.py [configure.opts [more.opts]] [-o Makefile.output]
Configured by text files:
all.deps: whitespace-separated listing of
project_name depends_on_project_1 depends_on_project_2 ...
*.opts: whitespace-separated listing of
project_name --config-opt-1 --config-opt-2 ...
Thus it is possible to choose between e.g.
- building each of those with or without mgcp transcoding support by adding or
removing "transcoding.opts" from the command line
From the Makefile nature, the dependencies extend, no need to repeat common deps.
When this script is done, a Makefile has been generated that allows you to
build all projects at once by issuing 'make', but also to refresh only parts of
it when some bits in the middle have changed. The makefile keeps local progress
marker files like .make.libosmocore.configure; if such progress marker is
removed or becomes outdated, that step and all dependent ones are re-run.
This is helpful in daily hacking across several repositories.
Note that by default, this includes 'sudo ldconfig' calls following each
installation. You may want to permit your user to run 'sudo ldconfig' without
needing a password, e.g. by
sudo sh -c "echo '$USER ALL= NOPASSWD: /sbin/ldconfig' > /etc/sudoers.d/${USER}_ldconfig"
You can skip the 'sudo ldconfig' by issuing the --no-ldconfig option.
You can run 'ldconfig' without sudo by issuing the --ldconfig-without-sudo option.
By default, it is assumed that your user has write permission to /usr/local. If you
need sudo to install there, you may issue the --sudo-make-install option.
./gen_makefile.py default.opts iu.opts -I -m build
cd build
import sys
import os
import argparse
topdir = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
all_deps_file = os.path.join(topdir, "all.deps")
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(epilog=__doc__, formatter_class=argparse.RawTextHelpFormatter)
help='''Config file containing project name and
./configure options''',
parser.add_argument('-m', '--make-dir', dest='make_dir',
help='''Place Makefile in this dir (default: create
a new dir named after opts files).''')
parser.add_argument('-s', '--src-dir', dest='src_dir', default='./src',
help='Parent dir for all git clones.')
parser.add_argument('-b', '--build-dir', dest='build_dir',
help='''Parent dir for all build trees (default:
directly in the make-dir).''')
parser.add_argument('-u', '--url', dest='url', default='git://git.osmocom.org',
help='''git clone base URL. Default is 'git://git.osmocom.org'.
e.g. with a config like this in your ~/.ssh/config:
host go
hostname gerrit.osmocom.org
port 29418
you may pass '-u ssh://go' to be able to submit to gerrit.''')
parser.add_argument('-p', '--push-url', dest='push_url', default='',
help='''git push-URL. Default is to not configure a separate push-URL.''')
parser.add_argument('-o', '--output', dest='output', default='Makefile',
help='''Makefile filename (default: 'Makefile').''')
parser.add_argument('-j', '--jobs', dest='jobs', default='9',
help='''-j option to pass to 'make'.''')
parser.add_argument('-I', '--sudo-make-install', dest='sudo_make_install',
help='''run 'make install' step with 'sudo'.''')
parser.add_argument('-L', '--no-ldconfig', dest='no_ldconfig',
help='''omit the 'sudo ldconfig' step.''')
parser.add_argument('--ldconfig-without-sudo', dest='ldconfig_without_sudo',
help='''call just 'ldconfig', without sudo, which implies
root privileges (not recommended)''')
parser.add_argument('-c', '--no-make-check', dest='make_check',
default=True, action='store_false',
help='''do not 'make check', just 'make' to build.''')
help='''prefix configure/make/make install calls with this command (used by ttcn3.sh)''')
parser.add_argument('-g', '--build-debug', dest='build_debug', default=False, action='store_true',
help='''set 'CFLAGS=-g' when calling src/configure''')
parser.add_argument('-a', '--auto-distclean', action='store_true',
help='''run "make distclean" automatically if source directory already configured''')
args = parser.parse_args()
class listdict(dict):
'a dict of lists { "a": [1, 2, 3], "b": [1, 2] }'
def add(self, name, item):
l = self.get(name)
if not l:
l = []
self[name] = l
def extend(self, name, l):
for v in l:
self.add(name, v)
def add_dict(self, d):
for k,v in d.items():
self.add(k, v)
def extend_dict(self, d):
for k,v in d.items():
l = self.extend(k, v)
def read_projects_deps(path):
'Read deps config and return tuples of (project_name, which-other-to-build-first).'
l = []
for line in open(path):
line = line.strip()
if not line or line.startswith('#'):
tokens = line.split()
l.append((tokens[0], tokens[1:]))
return l
def read_configure_opts(path):
'Read config opts file and return tuples of (project_name, config-opts).'
if not path:
return {}
return dict(read_projects_deps(path))
def gen_makefile_clone(proj, src, src_proj, url, push_url):
if proj == "osmocom-bb_layer23":
return f'''
.make.{proj}.clone: .make.osmocom-bb.clone
@echo -e "\\n\\n\\n===== $@\\n"
test -L {src_proj} || ln -s osmocom-bb/src/host/layer23 {src_proj}
touch $@
if proj == "osmocom-bb_virtphy":
return f'''
.make.{proj}.clone: .make.osmocom-bb.clone
@echo -e "\\n\\n\\n===== $@\\n"
test -L {src_proj} || ln -s osmocom-bb/src/host/virt_phy {src_proj}
touch $@
return f'''
@echo -e "\\n\\n\\n===== $@\\n"
test -d {src} || mkdir -p {src}
test -d {src_proj} || ( git -C {src} clone "{url}/{proj}" "{proj}" && git -C "{src}/{proj}" remote set-url --push origin "{push_url}/{proj}" )
touch $@
def gen_make(proj, deps, configure_opts, jobs, make_dir, src_dir, build_dir, url, push_url, sudo_make_install, no_ldconfig, ldconfig_without_sudo, make_check):
src_proj = os.path.join(src_dir, proj)
if proj == 'openbsc':
src_proj = os.path.join(src_proj, 'openbsc')
build_proj = os.path.join(build_dir, proj)
make_to_build_proj = os.path.relpath(build_proj, make_dir)
build_to_src = os.path.relpath(src_proj, build_proj)
src = os.path.relpath(src_dir, make_dir)
src_proj = os.path.relpath(src_proj, make_dir)
push_url = push_url or url
if configure_opts:
configure_opts_str = ' '.join(configure_opts)
configure_opts_str = ''
return r'''
### {proj} ###
{proj}_configure_files := $(shell find -L {src_proj} \
-name "Makefile.am" \
-or -name "*.in" \
-and -not -name "Makefile.in" \
-and -not -name "config.h.in" 2>/dev/null)
{proj}_files := $(shell find -L {src_proj} \
\( \
-name "*.[hc]" \
-or -name "*.py" \
-or -name "*.cpp" \
-or -name "*.tpl" \
-or -name "*.map" \
\) \
-and -not -name "config.h" 2>/dev/null)
.make.{proj}.autoconf: .make.{proj}.clone {src_proj}/configure.ac
if {distclean_cond}; then $(MAKE) {proj}-distclean; fi
@echo -e "\n\n\n===== $@\n"
-rm -f {src_proj}/.version
cd {src_proj}; autoreconf -fi
touch $@
.make.{proj}.configure: .make.{proj}.autoconf {deps_installed} $({proj}_configure_files)
if {distclean_cond}; then $(MAKE) {proj}-distclean .make.{proj}.autoconf; fi
@echo -e "\n\n\n===== $@\n"
-chmod -R ug+w {build_proj}
-rm -rf {build_proj}
mkdir -p {build_proj}
cd {build_proj}; {cflags}{docker_cmd}{build_to_src}/configure {configure_opts}
touch $@
.make.{proj}.build: .make.{proj}.configure $({proj}_files)
if {distclean_cond}; then $(MAKE) {proj}-distclean .make.{proj}.configure; fi
@echo -e "\n\n\n===== $@\n"
{docker_cmd}$(MAKE) -C {build_proj} -j {jobs} {check}
touch $@
.make.{proj}.install: .make.{proj}.build
@echo -e "\n\n\n===== $@\n"
{docker_cmd}{sudo_make_install}$(MAKE) -C {build_proj} install
touch $@
.PHONY: {proj}
{proj}: .make.{proj}.install
.PHONY: {proj}-reinstall
{proj}-reinstall: {deps_reinstall}
{sudo_make_install}$(MAKE) -C {build_proj} install
.PHONY: {proj}-clean
@echo -e "\n\n\n===== $@\n"
-chmod -R ug+w {build_proj}
-rm -rf {build_proj}
-rm -rf .make.{proj}.*
.PHONY: {proj}-distclean
{proj}-distclean: {proj}-clean
@echo -e "\n\n\n===== $@\n"
$(MAKE) -C {src_proj} distclean
clone_rule=gen_makefile_clone(proj, src, src_proj, url, push_url),
deps_installed=' '.join(['.make.%s.install' % d for d in deps]),
deps_reinstall=' '.join(['%s-reinstall' %d for d in deps]),
sudo_make_install='sudo ' if sudo_make_install else '',
no_ldconfig='#' if no_ldconfig else '',
sudo_ldconfig='' if ldconfig_without_sudo else 'sudo ',
check='check' if make_check else '',
docker_cmd=f'{args.docker_cmd} ' if args.docker_cmd else '',
cflags='CFLAGS=-g ' if args.build_debug else '',
distclean_cond=f'[ -e {src_proj}/config.status ]' if args.auto_distclean else 'false'
projects_deps = read_projects_deps(all_deps_file)
configure_opts = listdict()
configure_opts_files = sorted(args.configure_opts_files or [])
for configure_opts_file in configure_opts_files:
if configure_opts_file.endswith(".deps"):
print(f"WARNING: using {all_deps_file} instead of {configure_opts_file}")
r = read_configure_opts(configure_opts_file)
make_dir = args.make_dir
if not make_dir:
opts_names = '+'.join([f.replace('.opts', '') for f in configure_opts_files])
make_dir = 'make-%s' % opts_names
if not os.path.isdir(make_dir):
build_dir = args.build_dir
if not build_dir:
build_dir = make_dir
output = os.path.join(make_dir, args.output)
print('Writing to %r' % output)
with open(output, 'w') as out:
out.write('# This Makefile was generated by %s\n' % os.path.basename(sys.argv[0]))
configure_opts_args = ""
for f in configure_opts_files:
if not f.endswith(".deps"):
configure_opts_args += f' \\\n\t\t{os.path.relpath(f, make_dir)}'
# convenience: add a regen target that updates the generated makefile itself
default: usrp
# Convenience targets for whole networks
.PHONY: cn
cn: \
osmo-ggsn \
osmo-hlr \
osmo-iuh \
osmo-mgw \
osmo-msc \
osmo-sgsn \
osmo-sip-connector \
osmo-smlc \
.PHONY: cn-bsc
cn-bsc: \
cn \
osmo-bsc \
.PHONY: cn-bsc-nat
cn-bsc-nat: \
cn \
mobile \
osmo-bsc \
osmo-bsc-nat \
osmo-bts \
virtphy \
.PHONY: usrp
usrp: \
cn-bsc \
osmo-bts \
osmo-trx \
# Convenience targets for components in subdirs of repositories
.PHONY: mobile
mobile: osmocom-bb_layer23
.PHONY: virtphy
virtphy: osmocom-bb_virtphy
# Other convenience targets
.PHONY: all_debug
$(MAKE) --dry-run -d all | grep "is newer than target"
$(MAKE) all
# regenerate this Makefile, in case the deps or opts changed
.PHONY: regen
{script} \
{configure_opts} \
-m {make_dir} \
-o {makefile} \
-s {src_dir} \
-b {build_dir} \
-u "{url}"{push_url}{sudo_make_install}{no_ldconfig}{ldconfig_without_sudo}{make_check}{docker_cmd}{build_debug}{auto_distclean}
script=os.path.relpath(sys.argv[0], make_dir),
src_dir=os.path.relpath(args.src_dir, make_dir),
build_dir=os.path.relpath(build_dir, make_dir),
push_url=(" \\\n\t\t-p '%s'"%args.push_url) if args.push_url else '',
sudo_make_install=' \\\n\t\t-I' if args.sudo_make_install else '',
no_ldconfig=' \\\n\t\t-L' if args.no_ldconfig else '',
ldconfig_without_sudo=' \\\n\t\t--ldconfig-without-sudo' if args.ldconfig_without_sudo else '',
make_check='' if args.make_check else " \\\n\t\t--no-make-check",
docker_cmd=f' \\\n\t\t--docker-cmd "{args.docker_cmd}"' if args.docker_cmd else '',
build_debug=f' \\\n\t\t--build-debug' if args.build_debug else '',
auto_distclean=' \\\n\t\t--auto-distclean' if args.auto_distclean else '',
# convenience target: clone all repositories first
out.write('clone: \\\n\t' + ' \\\n\t'.join([ '.make.%s.clone' % p for p, d in projects_deps ]) + '\n\n')
# convenience target: clean all
out.write('clean: \\\n\t' + ' \\\n\t'.join([ '%s-clean' % p for p, d in projects_deps ]) + '\n\n')
# now the actual useful build rules
out.write('all: clone all-install\n\n')
out.write('all-install: \\\n\t' + ' \\\n\t'.join([ '.make.%s.install' % p for p, d in projects_deps ]) + '\n\n')
for proj, deps in projects_deps:
all_config_opts = []
all_config_opts.extend(configure_opts.get('ALL') or [])
all_config_opts.extend(configure_opts.get(proj) or [])
out.write(gen_make(proj, deps, all_config_opts, args.jobs,
make_dir, args.src_dir, build_dir, args.url, args.push_url,
args.sudo_make_install, args.no_ldconfig,
args.ldconfig_without_sudo, args.make_check))
# vim: expandtab tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2