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Neels Hofmeyr a4fefee68d gen_makefile: add *.tpl to dependency file list
libosmocore has some *.tpl files to generate source files. Add *.tpl to

Change-Id: Id12fa34e58ef223820528c47e23f9d4bdb2dd3bc
2019-02-12 15:08:30 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 6257d9ec79 gen_makefile: fix dependency file list
The configure step naturally depends on and *.in files. However,
the automake process also generates files: exclude those from *.in.

This fixes spurious unnecessary rebuilds: especially when libosmocore had
modifications, it often rebuilt *twice* after this (causing all of the other
source trees to rebuild as well).

Change-Id: Ia6f48ac9a8b300440d23c9b495fb39b5e40b59d8
2019-02-12 15:08:22 +01:00
Oliver Smith 24ddf9c941 more userfriendly "stale configs" message
Make the message easy to understand at first glance, print what needs to
be done to regenerate the configs. Add an empty line before listing the
stale file that has been found, so it stands out from the (at this
point) less relevant path listings. It looks like the following now:

$ ./
using config file '/home/user/code/osmo-dev/net/config_2g3g_osmith'
on templates '/home/user/code/osmo-dev/net/tmpl_std'
with NET_DIR '/home/user/code/osmo-dev/net/osmith'

Stale: '/home/user/code/osmo-dev/net/tmpl_std/' is newer than ''

WARNING: STALE CONFIGS - your net configs are older than the templates they should be based on!
 * Hit enter to continue, and use the stale config files
 * Hit ^C and run 'make regen' to regenerate your configs

Change-Id: If225e094619a07a228e0e2f337153ee18cdb420c
2019-01-30 17:56:22 +01:00
Oliver Smith 0a5dd920ad net/tmpl_std: add Makefile for 'make regen'
Allow using "make regen" in the net dir to regenerate the configs, just
like it is possible to type "make regen" in the make dir.

This is a minor usability improvement, so one does not need to remember
to type ../ in the net dir.

Change-Id: I8b23f8ae1f1d6ade597a30a222dfc82ea890d207
2019-01-30 16:35:59 +01:00
Oliver Smith 8d86dba01f net: enable saving IMEI in HLR by default
Related: OS#2541
Change-Id: I12ab66b5ff2147918e2cb4e9beab8d6a730fdc5a
2019-01-30 16:35:56 +01:00
Oliver Smith 5467ef979a run osmo-hlr with --db-upgrade
Do not stop if the DB needs to be upgraded.

Change-Id: I74dd09698dd508fce047ce086a22a369ad9ee6a4
2018-12-13 13:28:41 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr e7cb4a591c fill_config: fix multiple command expansions
If there are multiple ${foo()} commands expanded in one iteration, there would
be offset mismatches because the changed string was used with regex offsets
from before the match. Re-run the regex after each change.

Change-Id: I69de60d840ff3ba115c37d1ede7ccbc8879c82eb
2018-11-26 01:20:03 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 3c093457d2 fill_config: tweak for_each error message
Change-Id: If2c87e4aabeba91f99a2ec9da2b3d7ac8fa986ba
2018-11-26 01:19:16 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr ae79f4b349 gits: fix ask_reset_hard_or_push_f(), missing args
Change-Id: I91a1087ce1f6399ff652dfeba0097f275050aba3
2018-11-23 04:09:19 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 20d95d003e gits: when asking for reset --hard, also offer push -f
Change-Id: Iab38229ee7deaec91c342fa114028e222e652b60
2018-11-20 16:50:15 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr dff944bff6 gits: remove code dup: ask_reset_hard()
Change-Id: I741aa6ca29370f26a724f5b4b9c6e7f8ac3f282a
2018-11-20 16:50:15 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 68d8f34206 gits: use @{u} to get upstream branch, not origin/%s
git has an internal concept of a branch's upstream branch, and the remote need
not be 'origin', and also, the upstream branch name may differ completely. So,
use git's {u} keyword to obtain the upstream branch name.

This removes all 'origin' strings from gits. Also, git_branch_exists() is no
longer needed, drop it.

Also remove a couple of default arguments which aren't ever used because we
always pass arguments anyway.

In the case of git_ahead_behind(), we would have use for a default
branch_upstream=None to imply calling git_branch_upstream(), but then during
rebase, if no upstream exists, we would invoke it twice to get None a second
time. So just call the function explicitly. I thought about returning an empty
string instead of None, but it's too convoluted.

In git_output(), pipe STDERR to STDOUT, because every time we parse a remote
ref (git ref-parse --abbrev-ref '%s{u}') and there is no remote branch, git
prints 'Fatal: there is no remote bla bla' on stdout, and that error is
expected / ok to happen, so it just clutters the 'gits' output. The easiest way
to achieve silence then is to pipe to STDOUT, IIUC otherwise we'd have to use
Popen() and communicate()... In the case of error, subprocess raises an
exception and we see that an error happens. In the ref-parse case we can simply
catch the exception and be quiet.

Change-Id: Ife146903ae1323a4e568587ccfd4018725e9d719
2018-11-20 16:49:29 +01:00
Oliver Smith d63a44c2ec gitignore: add make/ and net/ (with exceptions)
Ignore all files and folders that get created when following the README
and net/README instructions.

Change-Id: I62277f973cc8f1ee61c5244c9d8cc75775c7cfd9
2018-11-20 01:41:30 +00:00
Oliver Smith afe5c29f02 gitignore: update src/ whitelist
gits has replaced most shell scripts from src. Add gits and missing

Change-Id: I39ed2d4c16bbd31dea7aca95e7f5a04b87b374c2
2018-11-20 01:40:25 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 39b19b687c gits: fix git_can_fast_forward: use arg instead of HEAD
Change-Id: Idec9c9b9b7eddea2dc574fe41f73c0ac570630ca
2018-11-19 15:45:20 +00:00
Oliver Smith 2a30b520c4 gits: fix MODS marks by timestamp-only changes
Use 'git diff' instead of 'git diff-index'. The latter does not look at
the content. It listed a file with an updated timestap as modified
(indicated in gits with "MODS"), whereas 'git diff' and 'git status'
did not (and we want this behavior, not marking it as modified).

This was a regression from b93f50 ("gits: use git plumbing commands").

Change-Id: I6726190912a1b3eb865cda77fbea6bf58a635d6e
2018-11-19 12:51:25 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 1cbec1915b README: explain no_systemd.opts
Change-Id: I8210ae363514957e49ae82cc4b30af5419f72aaf
2018-11-19 02:56:47 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 7aeaf42112 add prefix_usr.opts
Change-Id: I258711d3cfcc310a0dde1a37532c3a8b1ea2f373
2018-11-19 02:54:11 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 4f0612251c ignore templates starting with 'common_'
It's useful to include common parts in numerous cfg files, using the
${include(path)} command. So far they were called common_* and stored outside
of the templates dir (e.g. for logging). So far all files in a templates dir
are seen as templates, so the common files had to be stored in a different dir,
which is a bit senseless.

Allow storing them in the same dir with the templates: ignore all files
starting with 'common_'.

Change-Id: I74446dc0a7f51d4f231e8758a691abb675e87483
2018-11-17 00:05:16 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 5549ffbde8 add ${foreach(FOO)}
This patch indicates that we should rather use a proper templating python
library instead of re-inventing this stuff. But now that we're here...

Add a construct

   bts ${BTSn}
    location_area_code ${BTSn_LAC}

that repeats for each BTS<nr> variable found, e.g.


would result in three blocks of the above.

I am using this to avoid copy-pasting for configuring N BTSes for 35c3.

Change-Id: Ie1139a017f42cea5bf7ebbbe457bbc3bfe06944c
2018-11-16 18:43:43 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 01496a8afe deps: osmo-msc now needs libosmo-gsup-client from osmo-hlr
Change-Id: Ic50819b7bf7b5bcebe39d89850cf8b153fd287d8
2018-11-15 16:06:42 +01:00
Oliver Smith b93f504814 gits: use git plumbing commands
Instead of 'git status' and 'git branch', which change their output
depending on the git version and locale, use the low-level plumbing

'gits status' output is exactly the same, 'gits rebase' output is
a bit less redundant now (that was easier to implement).

Change-Id: I42544313d14db126c99e2d9a02b8f63031944947
2018-11-09 15:22:09 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr b459b6c2ae replace src/* git scripts with a single src/gits
I keep re-using this functionality in completely unrelated realms, and decided
to unify the oddly named scripts in a single 'gits' meta-repos tool, so I can
just symlink this script into my ~/bin and use it everywhere.

Change-Id: I579e7af26d76d5c5d83b2349695456bc7b54f5a2
2018-11-08 11:37:19 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 0cbe590462 sanitize.opts: add osmo-sip-connector --enable-sanitize
Otherwise it is not able to link asan-enabled libosmocore in the binaries.

Change-Id: I5e04ef38982ee6c89110776fc941ee0e2c193196
2018-11-07 16:54:23 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr f08745f9f2 2G.deps: add osmo-sip-connector
Change-Id: I30e27e2eb0060889f167417a21894e8e411ad1e3
2018-11-07 16:54:21 +01:00
Neels Hofmeyr 80630cfe8e deps: comment out osmo-trx
osmo-trx shouldn't run with address sanitizer. But omitting --enable-sanitize
from osmo-trx breaks 'make check', so then the whole top-level makefile will
end in error with sanitize.opts.

A user wanting to build osmo-trx can just uncomment that line.

Change-Id: I589f49652f8fa4e5becc7d7e63e6e4bc1a8b33bb
2018-11-07 16:53:34 +01:00
Pau Espin 3cb08210b3 deps: osmo-sgsn depends on osmo-hlr's liboso-gsup-client
Change-Id: Ie47ca98740ca438e04d6ea76421e0f58d9e5715a
2018-10-31 15:32:21 +01:00
Oliver Smith 5c882f66e9 detect changes in cpp files
Properly rebuild when cpp files (e.g. from osmo-trx) have been changed.

Change-Id: I9382d984fa1988eefbb6be3e45d88b2f1f5b598a
2018-10-31 14:13:34 +01:00
Oliver Smith 9c032908e2 2G.deps, 3G+2G.deps: add osmo-trx
Change-Id: Ia4ebf2732694cee0600b602b82c660cf6278958d
2018-10-31 14:13:14 +01:00
Oliver Smith d9f3d34443 support osmo-sip-connector with kamailio
Kamailio is a SIP server, that is relatively easy to configure, in
contrary to asterisk it only has one config file. The config file
here is based on the example config provided in the wiki:


To enable the osmo-sip-connector, build it, install kamailio and
then set SIPCON_ENABLE=true in your copy of config_2g_3g.

Change-Id: Ia5c4e9992eab390bc6d26ada7564223ff41a01b2
2018-10-31 14:12:28 +01:00
Oliver Smith fd7446fcab add NET_DIR variable
Allow all config files to use a new NET_DIR variable, which always
points to the network folder with the generated configs. We can use
this to place all temporary files (sockets, pid files, ...) there.

Change-Id: Idbdf478ebb9f0b2fcd860e5eff3c414a0a459561
2018-10-31 13:07:00 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr eee671b15d add BSC_CODEC_LIST to config 2018-10-29 17:50:17 +01:00
Oliver Smith 4d7072cc2d find the terminal once and abort if missing
Change-Id: Ie823e17ff1e7ad3ba23998233b41a810c90858b3
2018-10-12 11:10:06 +02:00
Oliver Smith d865c97ec4 change default of MGW4BSC_PORT to 2427
That way one can view the MGCP traffic in wireshark without changing
the MGCP port. We are using a different IP for the two MGWs already, so
they won't conflict even if they use the same port.

Change-Id: I2c73df138642bc3fd52eea493fcab5261e5bc5c8
2018-10-05 14:34:34 +02:00
Oliver Smith b56ce0b326 3G+2G.deps: add osmo-sip-connector
Change-Id: I57fa43209581638c39554079d7c4b65ce24890f8
2018-10-05 14:34:34 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr b045b5366a net/tmpl_std: msc: iu: use X.213 NSAP for nano3G 2018-10-01 17:33:18 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr cae6585391 add common_bsc_logging for less debug logs 2018-09-26 15:04:20 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 9bd6241cb3 common_logging: use 'logging set-all' to not force debug 2018-09-26 15:03:20 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr e02e0aee7a fill_config: resolve relative include paths recursively 2018-09-26 14:57:57 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr ede8016f4b tmpl_std: make 'ip addr add $ip2' optional 2018-09-16 13:49:54 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr dd37c72bca tmpl_std: hlr: add *#100#, *#101#
My old Nokia refuses to send *1# as USSD.
2018-09-16 13:49:54 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 8051995a96 common_logging: file basename last 2018-09-16 13:49:54 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 8d066e8a1e all-tests.opts: add libosmocore external-tests 2018-09-16 13:49:54 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 19d8a0d9f2 add no_systemd.opts 2018-09-16 13:49:54 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr d924e332bb fix missing config file error msg 2018-09-10 00:05:29 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr a007eaa405 gen_makefile: add ALL config opts keyword 2018-09-04 14:37:38 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 6d16ae9bad gen_makefile: mark project name as phony target 2018-09-04 14:37:38 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr f6078c49c0 gen_makefile: add --no-make-check 2018-09-04 14:37:38 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 5a9bf17171 tweak readme 2018-08-23 15:31:44 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 57e4288c86 include, in
Staleness check now also checks for included files. figures out last used paths itself and has cmdline doc.
2018-08-23 15:19:35 +02:00